In recent times, Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are sought after everywhere, as they work effectively. Hemorrhoids are commonly known as Piles, and they are quite painful and disruptive in one's whole life. If a patient suffering from hemorrhoids considering what type of treatment he or she need to choose, then the best solution is to consider the natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

For many women, hemorrhoids problem is seen after delivering a baby. This painful condition is quite common in men as well, particularly if they experience constipation frequently.

Usually, individuals don't like to speak about hemorrhoids, though they cause severe pain with symptoms such as bleeding in anus during passing stool, severe pain & swelling of rectum area, burning & itching in the rectal area.


Hemorrhoids problem is a painful condition, and ruin one's daily life and its treatment may take years! Thus, considering natural remedies for hemorrhoids is the precise option.

How to get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Natural remedies for Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids cause intense pain as well as embarrassment. It makes one's life troublesome because of ulceration (or thrombosis), pruritus, bleeding and perianal discharge related to the condition.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are considered as a most sought after remedy especially for people who do not want to undergo surgery.

The first thing a sufferer do to cure hemorrhoids is to get an OTC medication, without knowing the possible side effects. Fortunately, there are many natural home remedies, which are quite effective and provides quick relief.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

The following are Natural remedies for hemorrhoids which help individuals in combatting hemorrhoids fast and naturally.

Cold compress

Cold compress shrinks the size of hemorrhoids and reduces the pain and offer quick relief from itching. It becomes easier to pass stools once the inflammation is reduced.

Cover ice in a clean cloth and apply it over the hemorrhoids. Perform this many times, and this will help to tighten the blood vessels & reduce hemorrhoids effectively.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another best natural remedy for hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the hemorrhoids for quick relief. Initially, it may cause a stinging sensation, but later it decreases itching & pain instantly. For internal hemorrhoids, intake of one teaspoon of vinegar with water provides relief from pain & bleeding.

Psyllium husk

Hard stools worsen hemorrhoids and results in more pain and bleeding. Psyllium husk crammed with fiber makes stools softer as well as eases its movements. Consuming it frequently assists in decreasing stress in swollen veins.


Patients suffering from hemorrhoids can soak their inflamed area in warm water as it provides instant relief from pain & itching & relaxes blood vessels. Doing this frequently assists in decreasing hemorrhoids effectively.


Dryness may cause excessive bleeding. Avoid using a dry tissue to wipe the affected area. As an alternative use non-medicated, non-perfumed wet tissue to wipe off.

Witch hazel

Use witch hazel to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly. Witch hazel reduces, itching,pain, and bleeding. Apply little amount of witch hazel often in the swollen area to get long term relief.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids, as it assists in quick relief from hemorrhoids. Apply it on the inflamed area as it reduces the inflammation.

Alongside with remedies above-mentioned, a few lifestyle changes as drinking more water & maintaining proper hygiene assists individuals in getting rid of hemorrhoids quicker. Never hold in stools,because it worsens the condition & delays the treatment. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothes to reduce irritation caused due to hemorrhoids.

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