In recent times, pregnancy after 35 has become quite normal because of the desire for career improvement and various other factors. Pregnancy over 35 may not be risky if individuals follow a healthy lifestyle & avoid tension throughout their pregnancy and take proper precautions during all the stages. However, most of the experts suggest that getting pregnant after 35 is best to avoid.

People might be excited to have their little angel, yet they might be apprehensive as they read and heard that sad pregnant after 35 or late pregnancy leads to several complications.

"The count of women giving birth to healthy babies even after 35 has augmented considerably. Presumably, if expectant mothers take care of themselves, they have as much a probability of delivering a healthy baby as any other 20-year-old woman! So women who conceived after 35 must ensure that they eat well, eat right, and get sufficient rest."

There also exist a few benefits of postponing motherhood to this age. Most of the women often get disturbed when doctors suggest pregnancy over 35 years of age as it is known as advanced maternal age.

Instead of getting perturbed women must understand the risks of conceiving late.

Key Points of getting pregnant after 35

  • Being, pregnant after age 35, results in certain complications such as birth defects, premature birth & getting pregnant with multiples.
  • If individuals are over 35, they have to undergo prenatal screening tests to view whether their baby is at danger for certain birth deficiencies.
  • Women over 35 may face trouble during pregnancy. If this occurs, it is suggested to converse with a healthcare provider.

Getting pregnant after 35 years || Getting pregnancy after 35 years

Problems and risks associated with pregnancy after 35 years

The risks or complications related to being over 35 & pregnant are likely to be exaggerated. If you are in this age group and are healthy, then you can usually expect to have a pregnancy, without risks or complications.


These health conditions can cause difficulties during pregnancy, which includes:

  • Premature birth
  • Being pregnant with multiples
  • Low birth weight
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Birth defects, including Down syndrome.

How does age affect fertility?

Fertility regulator HFEA says when women reach their 30's, their fertility declines suddenly. And, complications in pregnancy increases.

  • A decrease in the count and health of the eggs ovulated
  • Hormonal changes resulting in altered ovulation
  • Fall in the count of sperms
  • Frequency of intercourse decreases

Benefits of getting pregnant After 35

As, there are risks and complications of pregnancy after 35, at the same time there are some benefits for mothers over 35.

The following are the benefits of conceiving after 35:

  • Women after 35 are more fiscally stable than young mothers
  • Women after 35 are more expected to be in a stable relationship

Though there is an increased risk, the huge majority of babies born to mothers over 35 are born healthy. With proper monitoring of health and additional tests woman after 35 years of age can give birth to a healthy child.

If Individuals have decided to delay of getting pregnant, they should understand risks or complications associated with it so that they can take precautions to lessen the complications and risks & improve their chances for giving birth to a healthy child.

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