Are you worried about the loosening of the vagina skin? Seeking ways to tighten your vagina? Well, this article helps you in knowing the simpler ways of tightening your vagina.

It is a fact that a tight vagina holds many advantages over a loose vagina, possibly the most significant benefit of having a tighter vagina is an explosive pleasure of engaging in sexual encounter each and every time, most notably when individuals engage in penetrative sex.

When it comes to the topic of tightening the vagina, you can find many ways of tightening your vagina without any adverse effects.

What is Vagina & importance of Vagina in sex?leg up exercise

The vagina is a muscular, tubular part in the female genital tract, which in humans spreads from the vulva to the cervix. The hymen is a membrane that partly covers the outer vaginal opening. At the deep end, the cervix or the neck of the uterus bulges into the vagina.

The vagina permits for sexual intercourse & childbirth and passages menstrual flow that occurs periodically as a part of the menstrual cycle.

Vagina plays a vital or significant role during sex. It communicates with brain regarding its feeling whether to have sex or not. If vagina is dry, itchy, odorous, and discharging, it signals you to avoid your partner to do fingering, penis, nose, or tongue.

Vaginal lubrication also plays a vital part during the intercourse. It prepares the vagina for penetration and makes it easier for the penis to enter into the vagina and reducing friction or irritation. Insufficient lubrication frequently causes Pain during intercourse.

Why is vagina loose/reasons?

Many reasons result in loosening of the vagina, which includes childbirth, dryness, and aging. A woman when gives birth to a child, it's quite common that her to feel a change in the body at the time of sex. Same is the case of vaginal dryness or aging when vagina loses its elasticity, it makes sexual intercourse more terrible and less enjoyable for some.

Other causes of a loose vagina are straining when sneezing, obesity, coughing or laughing. Loosening of a vagina does not relate to having too much sex as most of the people believe. A vagina will widen because of childbearing as the vaginal muscles should stretch to make a way for the baby to come out.

If you have a loose vagina and are looking for the ways to tighten your vagina, then have a glance of below solutions

Ways to tighten your vagina:

Loose vagina is a not a major issue and no need to visit a doctor or opt any surgical treatments to tighten it. Women, who are facing loose vagina problem, need to follow few simple, natural & effective remedies to tighten vaginal muscles and reduce the size of the vaginal opening to a great extent.

"Kegel exercises, vaginal lotions or treatments, & various workout or diet plan programs are few ways to tighten your vagina".


Kegel exercise:kengel exercise

It is one of the best ways to tighten your vagina on a regular basis. This exercise is often recommended to ladies post-delivery. This exercise involves the contracting of groin muscles and relaxing them after 10 seconds. Do the Kegel exercise a minimum of 15 times and follow up with four sets of the same each day for tightening your vagina.


This is another exercise that needs you to lie down on your back on the floor & raise legs upwards one after the other. Keep your legs straight and don't bend them.

Home remedies:

Boil few gooseberries in water & stock the resultant solution in the bottle. Apply this solution over the vagina while taking the bath every day. The solution helps in restoring the elasticity & suppleness of vagina quickly.

Diet plan

With a proper diet plan also one can tighten their vagina easily. Following a precise diet plan is another way to tighten vagina super tight rapidly. A proper diet will go a long way towards keeping one's vaginal walls firm. To tighten your vagina start consuming foods that contain high natural phytoestrogens, which are found in fenugreek, sesame seeds, soybeans, yarns, carrots and pomegranates.

Knowing ways of tightening your vagina is excellent and helps woman for various reasons. If you are one among those, follow the above-mentioned ways to tighten your vagina.

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