Skipping rope is an aerobic exercise we can do with normal rope, now we see some of the facts about skipping:

1. We can do it anywhere and any place, we no need a special place or gym.

2. Children’s also can do this, regular skipping 3 to 6 months can increase our body height 

3. Skipping rope is zero cost-based effective exercises.

4. Skipping rope improves muscle's health 

5. Skipping rope exercise improves heart rate 

6. The best exercise for weight loss

7. Skipping rope burns calories fastly than running

8. Skipping rope is a full-body workout exercise 

9. Don't do this exercise one who is already suffering from leg injuries, fractures or any hip-related problems and overweight persons can consult your physician before starting this exercise.

Note: select a proper comfortable rope for your skipping, consult your physician for more information about exercises like skipping rope, and do skipping rope aerobic exercise daily 15 min and more according to your comfort.

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