Are you facing issues related to sleep? Here are the few tips to overcome.

18 years above age group person need sleep at least 7.5 hours to 9 hours a day.

Top 14 tips to overcome Sleeplessness

  1. Make a habit of sleeping every day at the same time
  2. Setup a proper pleasant sleep environment.
  3. Do exercise regularly or be physically active
  4. Don’t consume Tea / Coffee before sleep.
  5. Make your dinner easy to digest.
  6. Don’t sleep afternoon hours
  7. Avoid smoking
  8. Remove all negative thoughts from your mind.
  9. Do Meditation before going to sleep
  10. Switch off all lights and internet Wi-Fi gadgets
  11. Sleeping area must be neat and hygienic
  12. Drink Milk with Nutmeg (jajikaya) Powder before going to bed
  13. Don’t watch any crime related or TV shows at night.
  14. Complete your dinner before 8.30 pm.                                                                    

Long term sleeplessness effects on Heart Health and leads to all types of health issues.

Sleeping Benefits || tips to overcome Sleeplessness

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