Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Neem

Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Neem

There are numerous health benefits of neem. Azadirachta indica, known as neem, is a tree that is grown in more than thirty countries in the world for its medical benefits. This tree is widely used for its health benefits that it provides. It is a well-known plant amongst the medicinal or Ayurveda plants in India and highly recommended as a cure for many problems.

If you have been suffering from some minor health problem and do not want to visit the doctor then look out for the benefits of neem. You can have a thorough research before you use it. It should be used in a different way for different purposes.

People from olden days did not have any doctors and experts for getting their skin problems and hair problems treated. All they knew was that they need to have a small neem plant at home and use it in different ways for getting the desired benefits of neem

Health benefits of neem:

Neem has high anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties, but here is a list of top 5 health benefits from it:

1. Neem and Skin problems:

Neem is known for the cure of acne, dark spots, scars and pigmentation of the skin.

It works best when used in its original state but nowadays there is a high range of beauty products made out of it like soaps, face washes, face creams, etc. which gives the skin a glow and makes it look flawless.

2. Curing hair problem with neem:

Any hair problems such as dandruff, dry hair, frizzy hair, head lice, excessive hair fall or any scalp related problems, neem works perfect for all it. There are a range of shampoos and conditioners made out of it. It also works best when it is made into a paste and applied after shampooing the hair. Neem oil also helps in good growth of hair.

3. Oral problems:

Good care of your mouth is taken care by neem. Whitening of the teeth, gum problems, bad breath, tooth ache and mouth ulcers, all of this are cured by the use of neem due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial pro perties.

4. Neem and Blood purification:

Neem is very bitter in taste, but if you use it well in your daily life it has amazing benefits. It also helps in the purification of blood and keeps you fit and healthy by cleaning your internal system.

5. Losing weight:

Everybody wants a thin, slim and fit body these days. Well, drinking a glass of neem juice on a regular basis will help you keep in shape. It will clean your bowel and help you increase the metabolism rate of your body which will in return help you stay in perfect shape. It breaks down the fat in your body, which helps you keep your weight in check. Honey and lemon also can be added in the neem juice for best results.  


These were just a few health benefits of neem that it provides. Ask your grandmother or someone of the old generation to know about how essential neem is. Neem has a wide range of benefits for the human body when used in the right is cheap and also very effective for various causes. One can get it from the local market or can have a small plant at home for reaping its medicinal properties.

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