Why Urine Infection In Newly Married ?


Many young women often complain of urine infection in the initial days of their marriage. Even those who are in a live-in relationship or having an affair face similar problems when they have intimate contact with their partner for the first time. What can be the reason behind this?

There is nothing to be surprised and if proper care is taken the moment you contract UTI, you can get immediate relief.

Contrarily it is believed that the urine infection is caused mostly due to holding on the urine for long period or using unhygienic washrooms.

Although these two are definitely the common causes of urine infection, several other reasons such as rough and frequent sexual intercourse without using proper lubrication can also lead to it.

It is also known as honeymoon cystitis and is quite common among the newly married people since they tend to have frequent and repeated sexual intercourse.

The vagina and the urethra are very closely situated in the body of women. Due to frequent sexual intercourse, this area is bruised making it vulnerable to infection. When there is a frequent friction in the area of the vagina or clitoris, the area becomes sore and bruised.

Avoiding UTI due to Frequent Intercourse

To avoid infection due to friction and sex frequency, the newly married couples should use a good lubricant. Simultaneously they must also maintain good hygiene and clean their genitals regularly after and before having sex.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Urine Infection

It is really very easy to avoid frequent occurrence of urine infection among the newly married couples by following these simple steps:

Drink lots of water

  • Drinking lots of water are the first primary measure you can take immediately the moment you start having that burning sensation in the urinary tract area. The best way is to first urinate and, then drink a glass of water and then move on to lovemaking.
  • After completing the intercourse, urinate again within 10 minutes. It will help flush out all the bacteria that have entered into the urethra.
  • In case you are trying to conceive, you need to lie down for at least 10 minutes to let the semen gets its way inside. After that, you can get up and then urinate to flush out the bacteria.

Maintain Genital Hygiene

  • Maintaining the high level of hygiene is very much important. According to the urologist, a woman should wipe her vagina from front to back to prevent the e-Coli bacteria from entering the urethra.
  • The men should also maintain cleanliness and genital hygiene. In India, very few men are circumcised and hence they should carefully wash off the smegma, a type of fluid that gets collected between the foreskin and head of the penis.
  • The smegma is loaded with infectious bacterial and can infect the urinary tract of a woman. So, it is important that the men should clean their penis prior to having intercourse.

Natural Remedies for Urine Infection 

UTI can affect anyone, but the major of the cases are prone to women. Anyhow, the infection can be prevented and cured entirely with various home remedies.

Here is the list of top 5 natural home remedies to cure Urine Infection:

1. Drink plenty of fluids majorly water and also drinking fresh cranberry juice without excess sweet content helps in quick healing of infection.

2.Increase Vitamin C food content and consume probiotics to increase the protein quantity

3.Urinate frequently to release the bacteria causing infection

4. Avoid foods containing hot and spicy, fizzy, caffeinated and stored foods

5. Stop consumption of alcohol, smoking, and other drugs which affects the health.

Although these remedies can prevent the UTI, there is a need to consult doctor not to worsen the case. As these infections may stay for the prolonged period and can cause a severe effect on the health. 

So, if the newly married couples take proper precaution and maintain genital hygiene, they can eliminate the occurrence of urine infection from their life.

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