Health, a significant aspect of every human is considered with no much importance or extra care due to various reasons. This is leading to cause a variety of diseases that may be curable or may not.

Along with the rapid growth in the innovative treatments and latest inventions coming every now and then, Expert Diabetologist working in top hospitals always counsel their patients to follow the preventive natural remedies along with proper medication and recommends keeping a track on it regularly.

Various multi-specialty hospitals like Yashoda hospital Secunderabad appointment booking service online, especially for awareness programs on diabetes and its preventive methods along with the counseling sessions.

Here we get the solution for How To Prevent Diabetes these remedies are verified and proven by diabetic doctors globally. Hence, following these remedies helps you in making your body fit and healthy.

How to prevent diabetes with 30 natural tips :

Diabetes is emerging as a major disease by affecting numerous people globally. As many are acknowledging in the last stage, they can just control it and be struggling to prevent it.

To avoid any type of such dreadful disease set realistic goals by following these tips which help in preventing type-2 diabetes.

1. Add more fiber in your food

2.Load up your meals with proteins, minerals, and other components

3. Avoid sugary drinks, fatty foods and other ready-made foods which makes you unhealthy

4. Whole grains foods are the best to energize yourself

5. Never ever skip any type of meals from breakfast to dinner

6.Consume meals in small quantities and multiple times

7. Always have some healthy snacks

8. Add sprouts, salads and other organic fresh veggies in your meals

9. Choose organic, natural and fresh veggies and leafy veggies

10. More water you drink, more benefits it gives you

11. Spices will make your body enzymes grow and nothing is best than cinnamon

12. Get into green tea rather than living on normal tea

13. Soy is the perfect food to prevent diabetes

14. Early morning sunshine blesses you with enough Vitamin D

15. Follow a few well-known low-carb diet plans like Keto diet, Atkins diet, etc.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes with these Diet

16. Choose low-cholesterol causing foods

17. Eat non-vegetarian foods which not lead to high cholesterol like fish, poultry, and others

18.Skip the red meat and processed meat

19. Say no to sedentary behavior


Generic tips to prevent getting type - 2 diabetes:

Being a healthy person doesn’t always land you in the disease-free zoneThere are various reasons to opt for and a struggle for continuous change will only make you life-time healthier and it helps in preventing diseases like diabetes.

20.Know everything about Diabetes and its types to be aware of diabetes, and its problems.

21. Keep it off your weight in the limit as per your age.

22. Always choose to follow a healthy and hygiene diet plans available with us on online diet plans.

23. A healthy day is the best way for a healthy life, so start your day with regular exercise, yoga, jogging, or any other.

24. Be away from the activities which spoil your health like smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and other drugs.

25. Get a regular consultation with your health care provider or family doctor.

26. Make sure to be happy and spread positive vibes all day.

27. The Stress-less life is the sad-less life, be away from the stress

28.If you have seen any symptoms get tests done and clarify yourself.

29.Control your blood pressure levels to normal

30.Track your progress levels as per your healthy growth

Type 2 diabetes prevention tips

Must know statistics on diabetes:

All the information provided in this article is verified and studied by their respective organizations recognized around the globe.

  • According to a journal published in The Lancet, Type 2 diabetics can be revered with extreme diet and weight loss
  • As per WHO, diabetics have increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million by the 2014 year.
  • According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, the type-2 diabetics are approximately 90-95% in adults.
  • The published guidelines by The American College of Physicians have stated that around 30 million people are with Type 2 diabetes in the United States
  • 23.1 million people are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States
  • The latest study published in Cell Metabolism, a molecule called methylglyoxal (MG) is causing defects with Type 2 Diabetes
  • In many cases, it is observed that the medication taken for Type 2 diabetes does not respond the same to every human. It causes side effects in some cases and in some cases it helps in preventing and controlling diabetes
  • A Swedish study proved that type 2 diabetes consists of various subgroups in it. Also, the researchers are able to differentiate between 5 distinct clusters. The groups are identified based on the results of ANDIS.
  • It is expected to increase the number of disease-affected persons to 629 million by the year 2045
  • Researchers have identified newly diagnosed patients around 13,700 between the age group 18 – 97 distinguished with the subgroups in Sweden
  • Many types of research showing up to be successful in treating diabetes with low-cal diet by further decreasing in weight for even those who are having diabetes for more than 6 years
  • For years 2015/2016 diabetes affected children below 17 years age rise to 0.75 per 100000 every year
  • In India, nearly 72 million registered cases are recorded by the year 2017
  • India is currently suffering from 49% of diabetic patients of the total number worldwide
  • It is estimated the increase in diabetes would be 134 million by the year 2025 in India alone
  • As per the recent reports by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2015-16, 2.9 percent of women and 2.7 percent of men are affected by diabetes
  • The reports of the Indian Council of Medical Research, suggest currently India facing 1 in every 4 cases of diabetes under the age of 25, which are usually seen between the ages of 40-50 years old.
  • States with the highest death rate per 1,00,000 population
    • Tamil Nadu – 54
    • Punjab – 44
    • Karnataka – 42
    • And other states with an average of 23
  • The prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes in 15 states from highest to lowest for the 2017 year are as follows


                  2.Tamil Nadu



                  5.Andhra Pradesh






The major reason behind the rapid growth of diabetes is due to a lack of awareness among many urban and rural people regarding the major effect of diabetes on one’s life.


Consult a doctor or diabetics specialist if you find any symptoms and ask them How To Prevent Diabetes. It is always recommended to undergo regular check-ups and if you do not have time to visit a doctor, get online appointment facilities by us for top-rated hospitals like maxcure hospital Madhapur branch or any other located in your area.

The more active you are, the fewer diseases surround you. Keep yourself healthy, active, and happy all the time.

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