Around the globe Heart Specialists and Dietitians are strongly suggesting the Mediterranean diet for heart health, The word the Mediterranean refers to an Origin of the diet irrespective of foods or dishes such as Greek, Chinese, and Italian foods.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Mediterranean diet for heart health is recommended around the globe. Mediterranean diet is different for different regions. best cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad says that this diet is followed by at least 16 countries around the Mediterranean Sea. These diets are followed in different countries depending upon the culture, ethics, religion, economy, and agricultural production they are following.



Generally, the diet is followed by the diet pyramid which helps in making a proper diet chart with do's and don'ts of foods to be eaten.

Importance of the Mediterranean diet for Heart Health?

This Mediterranean diet is very good for health, especially for the heart. It helps in preventing and curing various types of heart and other diseases

.According to the best cardiologist in Hyderabad India, If this diet is followed for a long period, many diseases will be cured due to the food we intake and we will get habituated to following a healthy lifestyle.

The foods included in this diet are rich in nutrition, proteins, calcium, and other healthy minerals.

Do you know?

  • People who follow this diet will consume less saturated fat than compared to others.
  • The high amount of fruits is recommended by cardiologists and other regions.
  • Usage of olive oil is high and is considered an important source of monounsaturated fat
  • Many countries will follow this diet across the globe and has different ways to use it.
  • The risk of Heart disease is less in those who follow a Mediterranean diet.
  • Researchers proved on various occasions that adopting a Mediterranean diet will decrease heart disease, depression, LDL cholesterol, dementia, etc.

 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet :

  • Reduces Diabetic levels and controls Type 2 Diabetics
  • Prevents various heart diseases and reduces risk factors for heart attacks and strokes
  • Keeps you young and agile
  • Alzheimer's risk is reduced and controlled
  • Increases longevity with a healthy lifestyle
  • Prevents LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol
  • It also helps in weight loss with immediate diet and results within months.

General Benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

  • Evens the skin tone and removes all the tan over the skin
  • Increases hair growth
  • Reduces laziness
  • Energizes your body with unlimited
  • Gives extra power to be active

How to start a Mediterranean diet? 

Following a Mediterranean diet is difficult as we have to opt for healthy foods and get rid of junk foods such as pizza, burger, etc. Many best Dietitians around the globe says that the diet is followed from morning to night. Initially, the diet is followed from morning to night with different foods.

Breakfast: Start your day with eggs either boiled or omelet. Add some boiled or semi-cooked vegetables to it. Include whole grains products such as bread that can be added to toast or raw bread. Drink a glass of milk or fresh fruit juice.

Lunch: Lunch meals should include salads with low-fat cheese, fresh herbs, and a cup of whole-grain products. Food is preferred to be cooked using olive oil. Nuts can also be added to your meals. This balanced meet will make you healthy and energize your body with double power.

Snacks: Snacks should be lighter and these can include vegetables and fruits. Small hand-full of nuts can also be consumed. Always remember to intake these foods cooked in olive oil. Choose diet-friendly snacks to be healthy.

Dinner: Include seafood in your Mediterranean diet. Add boiled tomatoes and olives and make it a salad with olive oil garnished. A glass of red wine with this dish is the best combination to taste your taste buds which are healthy and tasty too. You can even include whole grains and lean proteins which are healthy for the heart. 

Quick Tips to follow a Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health :

  • Take out a diet pyramid chart of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Never skip any of the foods
  • Know the difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats
  • Add more amount of vegetables to the meals
  • Eat seafood at least twice a week
  • Increase more physical activities every day
  • Enjoy eating dairy products
  • Consider fruits, nuts, and vegetables for the dessert
  • Make sure to do at least an hour of exercise such as yoga, meditation, jogging, and running as per your doctor's recommendations.
  • Ensure to consume at least one time meals, preferred dinner with the whole family
  • Decrease the intake of red meat such as pork, and beef as they increase bad cholesterol in the body and lead to weight gain, obesity, and other heart diseases.

Foods for a good diet:

Nuts: Eating nuts will increase the immunity power in the body and maintains a good health system. Eat raw nuts and never eat deep-fried nuts. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, and resins are good for health. Add them to your meals as a garnish or in salads.

Good fats: Prefer low-fat and unsaturated fats in your meals. Consume healthy fats as they reduce LDL cholesterol in the body and increase good cholesterol levels which help in keeping the digestive system and weight in proper condition.

Vegetables: Include different types of vegetables in your diet. Never eat fried or overcooked foods. Always prefer semi-cooked boiled vegetables. Do not overeat. Eat-in small quantities. A maximum of 5 servings are recommended per day.

Fruits: Fresh fruits should be considered. Berries, apples, bananas, and other fruits should be eaten. Always eat the maximum amount of fruits without any added flavors or added sugar. Fruits can intake either in the form of raw fruits or fruit salads.

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Green leafy vegetables: Add green leafy vegetables such as spinach to your daily diet. These have a high amount of minerals and other nutrients which supply good fats and other important minerals to the body. Add a cup of green leafy vegetables to your meals either for lunch or dinner.

Sea Foods: Seafood such as Fish is the best food which makes your heart healthy and prevents various diseases. Seafood can be consumed twice a week. These have the power of reducing the risk of heart disease and other health issues. It clears toxins and waste materials from the body.

Whole grains: Whole grain foods are always considered the best food for any type of diet. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, calcium, and other necessary minerals for the body. Do not excessively eat these foods as they have a chance of an increase in LDL cholesterol.

White Meat: White meat such as lean chicken, turkey, and other poultry foods is great to add to the diet. It is useful when eating skinless. Consume a maximum of twice a week. Grilled is suggested than fried foods.

Mediterranean diet food pyramid || Mediterranean diet food pyramid

Foods to be eaten in limited:

Dairy Products: Dairy products are good for health and they increase the energy in the body. Milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter should be eaten in very small quantities. Prefer less fatty foods. These contain vitamins, calcium, and potassium and improve body functionality.

Red Wine: Good news for wine lovers. Consuming a glass of red wine is very good for heart health and has been proved by various scientists around the globe in the research of the heart and its diseases. Limit your wine drink to a glass or two and never over-drink it, as excessive drinking of wine may increase the risk of heart and other diseases.

Red Meat: Eat very less quantity of meat such as pork, beef, lamb, etc. as they are high in cholesterol and may increase the risk of heart. Eat a maximum of one time in a week. This is filled with vitamins and minerals but the fat content in these foods will increase the chances of diseases.

Desserts and Sweets: Sweets and desserts such as cakes, pastries, and biscuits may lead to type 2 diabetes and so these should be eaten in very small quantities. Choose less fat, nutrient foods which are recommended by the specialists.

Myths and Facts about the Mediterranean diet:

1. Myth:  Buying the Mediterranean diet food is too cost-effective


It's all in your hands either to buy the expensive ingredients or the best local ingredients. Local foods with a high amount of calcium, vitamins and other minerals are also preferred.

2. Myth: Consume more wine will lead to more healthy factors


 It is recommended by the best cardiologist surgeon in Hyderabad and other regions that one glass for women and two glasses for men are the moderate amount of wine to be taken per day. Excess drinking will reverse the health benefits and leads to many risk factors.

3. Myth: Eating a large amount of pasta and bread is the right way to follow the Mediterranean diet

Pasta with high fats is not at all good. Making whole-grain pasta with less fat is preferred. Half a cup of pasta with salads and fruits are suggested.

4. Myth: It's all about consuming more food when it comes to the Mediterranean diet


Diet is not only about food. Food physical activities and other exercises such as yoga, and meditation is required. A healthy diet is something about consuming good food but not all the foods.

5. Myth: All vegetable oils are the same and have the same properties.


Many vegetable oils will also lead to LDL cholesterol. Always choose monounsaturated oils such as olive oil or peanut oil. Consider the omega-3 fatty acid content oil. Though many best cardiologist in Apollo Hyderabad refers to the use of olive oil instead of other vegetable oils. 

Following a proper diet is good for health and it prevents various types of diseases, defects, and other infections. This diet will keep the internal and external functionality of the human in proper condition. Always maintain a good food diet.

Never skip any of the mealsConsult the best nutrition or dietitian before you start any type of diet. Keep yourself and your family healthy and live a long life. Be healthy! Stay happy! Live 

Instead of this: Try this Mediterranean option:
Chips, pretzels, crackers, and ranch dip Carrots, celery, broccoli, and salsa
White rice with stir-fried meat Quinoa with stir-fried vegetables
Sandwiches with white bread or rolls Sandwich fillings in whole-wheat tortillas
Ice cream Pudding made with whole or skim milk


Personalized Heart Health Diet Plans are very useful for heart care! Get your personalized diet plan for heart health from expert dietitians from renowned hospitals like Maxcure Hospital Madhapur who are available round the clock at your assistance. 

                                                                                  A healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life! 

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