Keratin Vs Biotin: Which Is Right for Your Hair?

Keratin Vs Biotin: Which Is Right for Your Hair?


Trying to figure out what to do about your frizzy, continuously falling hair? The phrases keratin and biotin, on the other hand, are likely to be familiar to you.

Could it be the biotin, keratin tablets that claim to repair your mane's long-lost lustre that drew your attention at the medicine store, or is it just the posh-looking biotin-enriched shampoos that line the aisle of your favourite area just at the supermarket that got your attention?

Whatever it is, here we are going to discuss both, as in keratin shampoo and biotin.

What is Keratin?

It is a kind of protein that is responsible for the formation of our body's hair, skin, and nails. Keratin may be present in the internal organs and systems as well as on our skin.

It is obtained from the feathers, wool, as well as horns of various animals, which is used as a cosmetic element in hair products such as keratin shampoo and conditioners. Keratin supplements help to make your hair appear stronger and more lustrous.

The protein in your diet helps your body produce the keratin it requires. Additionally, vitamins like biotin as well as vitamin A have a role in the creation of keratin. On the other hand, keratin shampoo can work for your hair and boost its quality.

If your body is unable to produce enough keratin (either as a result of a lack of protein or essential nutrients in your diet or as a result of anything else going on), the consequences will most likely be seen in your hair, nails, as well as skin over time.

Your nails and hair may expand at a slower rate, become more brittle, and become less lustrous and smooth as a result of this condition. Another negative effect is thinning hair, which may be quite noticeable. Your skin could look drier, rougher, and even older-looking as a result of this condition.

What is Biotin?

Biotin (pronounced BYE-oh-tin) is just a water-soluble vitamin that our systems require to give us energy and also to ensure the health of our hair, nails, and skin. Biotin is found in foods such as eggs, meat, and dairy products.

Vitamin biotin, formerly known as vitamin H, is now categorized as being one of the B vitamins (B7) and also has achieved commercial prominence as a result of its alleged advantages for having stronger hair and nails. You will find a variety of keratin shampoo in the market from different brands. 

Biotin is a cofactor for enzymes that are involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. Gene expression, neurological system function, and endocrine activity in the pancreas, thyroid gland, as well as adrenal glands are all aided by this compound.

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Biotin vs. Keratin: Which is Better?

Keratin is a protein that may be found deep within the dermis layer of your skin, surrounding the root of your hair. Keratin is a fibrous, sinewy-like protein that can be found deep within the dermis layer of your skin.

In reality, in case you weren't aware, keratin accounts for more than 90 per cent of the protein in your hair. This element in products like keratin shampoo is essential in the preservation of your hair's density, strength, and general attractiveness.

The protein may also be found in your fingernails and toenails, making this one of the most significant protein structures when it comes to one's overall beauty and appearance.

It's no surprise that biotin keratin vitamins have recently risen to the status of precious jewels and highly sought-after nutritional supplements. In order to reinforce and improve your body's natural keratin synthesis, you must ensure that your diet contains sufficient amounts of the essential nutrients that maintain your glossy, thick hair.

This involves eating a well-balanced diet that has lots of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, among other things. For as you'll see, the ancient proverb "beauty begins within" continues to hold true in the modern world.

Biotin and Keratin Supplements Together

Choosing between biotin as well as keratin supplements may have you wondering if you should concentrate your efforts on taking either one at the expense of the other. Keratin, as well as biotin, are not out of conflict with one another since they are nutrients with distinctly different compositions and functions in the body.

Biotin aids in the production of essential proteins that may be missing in the long run. As for supporting hair development and strengthening its health, including a keratin supplement to your regimen achieves this purpose for dull, weak hair in such a shorter amount of time than you would expect otherwise. You can easily find keratin shampoos that also include biotin in them. 

Biotin and keratin are both essential components of the most efficient hair-revitalizing treatments. The advantages of keratin supplements, when paired with biotin, an essential B-vitamin, allow for a healthy hair development cycle, as well as increased strength and sheen.

In a formula that contains both Biotin and Keratin, we've also included a proprietary resveratrol blend, which works at the cellular level to help further reduce hair shedding while also stimulating hair growth and counteracting the ageing effects of free radical damage.

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