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Updated: 11-01-2024
Author: Ashritha Pendkar (Motivational, Healthcare & Spiritual Writer)

The Bhagavad Gita is a sacred text rich in spiritual insight and instruction for those who seek it. It includes poems that explore the deep questions of existence, responsibility, ethics, and the road to enlightenment.

All these 50 Bhagwad Gita Quotes teach us about how to lead a happy life, how to be confident in critical situations, how to become a successful person, how to reach our goals, how to handle failures, and more you can learn from here.

The Bhagavad Gita Quotes

  1. Once a man is released and free from self-centeredness, he finds peace in himself.
  2. The best help is found in giving oneself up to God. Those who have learned to acknowledge this comfort are liberated from anxiety, concern, and pain.
  3. Abandoning materialistic goals is the path to happiness.
  4. Birth brings death just as indeed as death brings new life. So, don't be sad about something you can't change.
  5. Rather than trying to copy someone else's life, it's better to live the one fate has in store for you, flaws and all.
  6. Those with minds as determined as theirs never worry about the future because they believe whatever is meant to be will be.
  7. Your core values define who you are. You achieve your goals because you think you can.
  8. There is no more tremendous sacrifice than the sacrifice of knowledge.
  9. As a person discards outdated clothes and acquires new clothing, the Oneself, which resides within the body, receives a new body when the old one wears out.
  10. One's only friend or enemy is one's thoughts.

    The timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita Quotes encourages us to examine our own lives and the meaning of our existence, regardless of our background or generation. This ancient book is packed with profound quotes from the Bhagavad Gita that shed light on the spiritual path and encourage us to live lives of significance.

  11. A man should carry out his responsibilities fearless, greedless, unselfish, and unbiased.
  12. Just simplify things for yourself. Gather your thoughts and enjoy the present. The items you do daily shouldn't take the joy out of your life.
  13. There is never any wasted time or effort. It takes a little work to become more spiritually conscious to eliminate even the worst anxiety.
  14. Selfish behavior imprisons the whole planet. Act selflessly, with no regard for personal gain.
  15. Focus on your task rather than your gain. Just do it, and stay focused on the results. Do not be a part of the world but rather a witness to it.
  16. Ease your burden. Have a plan and enjoy life. The things you do every day shouldn't take the joy out of your life.
  17. Maintain your composure, show affection, and lend a hand to others.
  18. A man's faith is what shapes him. He is exactly who he thinks he is.
  19. The best course of action is to take the necessary steps rather than do nothing at all.
  20. When one has mastered meditation, their mind is like a lamp whose flame never flickers, even without air currents.
  21. Happiness is not in store for someone who continually doubts, neither in this world nor any other.
  22. The mental disciplines include peace of mind, affection, calmness, self-control, and purity.

    These quotes from the Bhagavad Gita encourage us to look beyond the superficial aspects of life and consider the eternal truths it contains. It urges us to take on our obligations with unflinching commitment while stressing the value of introspection and the development of character strengths.

  23. With gratitude, I welcome the offerings of a pure heart, whether they be a leaf, a flower, fruit, or water – God.
  24. My greatness is in the sun's brilliance, which illuminates the whole earth, and the brightness of the moon and fire.
  25. It did not matter what happened, what was happening, or what would happen in the future; it was all good.
  26. Emotional differences may be a consequence of a chain reaction of events. This knowledge will aid you in dealing with them.
  27. It is not usually achievable to submit to Krishna all at once, but as we serve Krishna increasingly, we progressively become increasingly resigned at His lotus feet.
  28. There is a beginning and an end to things conceived in the world of the senses, and these things give rise to misery at their end.
  29. Obstacles are not what keep us from our end goal but rather a clear path away from it.
  30. You may go from a multimillionaire to a beggar in the blink of an eye. The only constant in life is change.
  31. You brought nothing with you, and you will leave with nothing.
  32. An improvement over mechanical practice is knowledge. An improvement in ability is meditation.
  33. Possessing mental disciplines like calmness, kindness, stillness, self-restraint, and purity is the path to happiness.

    Let us try to incorporate the Bhagavad Gita's Quotes to explain life, So quotes about life lessons into our daily lives as we carry them. Let its words serve as a constant reminder to do what's right, be kind to others, and strike a balance between our earthly responsibilities and higher goals.
    This begins a life-altering journey toward self-awareness based on the unchanging principles of the Bhagavad Gita.

  34. There are two ways to leave this world: one in light and one in darkness." When one travels through light, he does not return; nevertheless, he returns when one passes through darkness.
  35. Those whose acts are motivated only by the desire for their benefits can never be satisfied with their lives.
  36. It doesn't matter what we're up to; God is always with us.
  37. Your desires will come and go, but you must remain a neutral observer, enjoying the show as it unfolds. A person shouldn't be bothered by their desires.
  38. Things might be different from what they were in the past. Things and situations change all the time. People, places, and even society should not be expected to be the same. All of them change over time.
  39. There has never been a moment when you and I did not exist, and there will never be a time when we no longer do because the same soul uses several bodies.
  40. A yogi who fails to reach Nirvana is reborn into a spiritual and wealthy family after spending years in the afterlife.
  41. Brave men are put through their version of the fire test.
  42. Relax your body and soul into me, and I, the Lord of Love, who lives in your heart, will be one with you.
  43. No job can stain a clean man in harmony, in command of his life, and whose soul is one with the spirit of others.
  44. Don't get everything wrong! Maintain your calm and reason. It's your suspicious mind that's bothering you. not others
  45. Leave your worries behind. Keep a positive outlook on tomorrow because the presence of Lord Krishna is confident.
  46. For peace of mind, you must find a way to live alone, at least mentally.
  47. In the heat of battle, deep in the woods, or high on a mountain, amid spears and arrows on the vast, black sea, Whether dreaming, befuddled, or completely mortified, A man's excellent acts from the past help to prove himself.
  48. A present is pure when offered from the heart to the right person at the appropriate time and place, with no expectation of return.
  49. Those with unhealthy eating and sleeping habits will struggle to achieve a meditative state. But those who exercise self-control in their eating, sleeping, working, and playing lives will relieve their misery via contemplation.
  50. Do not be frightened by things that are not real and never were. Truth is eternal and unaffected by death.

Our quote from the Bhagavad Gita concludes that we are reminded of the excellent knowledge and eternal truths that may be discovered within its pages. When facing difficulties in life,

These Bhagavad Gita  Quotes may be a beacon of hope, providing comfort, guidance, and insight to those who seek it. Its lessons are universal, providing a road map to self-awareness, tranquillity, and spiritual satisfaction that cuts beyond the borders of time and society.


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