Salt is what makes our food tasty, and it can turn well-cooked food tasteless if not used properly.

Why we need salt

It is a necessary element for the human body because it is beneficial for the following things-

  • It balances fluid in the human body.
  • It has control over the working of nerves and muscles.

Salt || Daily Salt Intake

Food contains Sodium

  • Almost all kinds of foods have some quantity of sodium
  • But the thing that supplies most of the sodium in our diet is salt
  • It is made of chloride and sodium
  • The ratio of both chloride and sodium is 60 and 40 by weight.

Salt we need

Daily salt intake is a very important element for our body; it is also necessary that it should be taken in proper quantity because more or less quantity of it can trigger problems of blood pressure. However, it does not affect our body strongly.

There are some recommendations given below

The American Heart Association suggests that daily salt intake

  • More than 1.5 g sodium or 3.75 g should not be consumed in a day.
  • If people take the recommended quantity of it, they can improve the health of their heart
  • And the danger of cardiovascular disease can also be trimmed down.

The Food Standards Agency of the UK suggests that

  • Children between 1 to 3 years should be given 2 gm salt per day.
  • Children between 4 to 6 years should be given 3 gm salt per day.
  • Children between 7 to 10 years should be supplied 5 gm salt per day.
  • 6 gm salt is recommended for those who are above 11 years.
  • Infants who are below 1 year must not be given salt.

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