Our Indian Traditions are marvelous! They are not only meant to be followed as just a ritual, they are filled with many amazing health benefits which are proved by world-wide scientists.

Table and chair is an invention which westernized our lifestyle and culture. But, it is neither a rule nor Sitting on the floor and eating is not a shame. Countries like India follow this tradition and it is commonly seen in every house.

Let's talk about many people routine to sit on the floor and eating our meals every day. Sitting on the floor is not only a tradition, it has many health benefits. Sitting on the floor is a sort of Yoga which includes different type of Asanas. Here is the list of best health benefits of sitting on the floor and eating.

Health Benefits of sitting on the floor and eating :

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Aids in digestion
  3. Nerves relaxation
  4. Reduces body pains
  5. Improves blood circulation
  6. Flexibles and strengthens body
  7. Heart circulation is strengthened
  8. Lubrication of hip and knee joints

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Other Benefits:

  1. Helps in long life
  2. Increases humbleness
  3. Increases Peace of Mind
  4. Increases family bonding
  5. Benefits of yoga sitting postures

Though sitting on the floor and eating is a good healthy habit, many doctors suggest not too frequently sit on the floor to the people who are suffering from knee or joint pains or who underwent knee joint surgeries. Before making this as a habit, consult the doctor. Our culture is the greatest, do not hesitate to follow it.Encourage others also to follow it.

Follow Traditions! Welcome, Culture! Stay Happy! Live Healthily!

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