Hello, folks! You may be surprised to see this article title, as it is related to building a home. But building a healthy home doesn't mean only a house construction with good quality construction products like cement, bricks, etc. It means to be a happy, healthy home with family. To know more on How to build a healthy home, one must read this article without delaying. So, here we go.

All of us spend maximum time of our lives in our houses. Among our biggest dreams list there would be our Dream House. Do you guys know that there is a connection between healthy life and healthy home? If not this article How to build a healthy home? Is for you.

Generally, we all think pollution is only outside our houses. Especially on roads and busy areas but, do you know as much bad pollution we have outside, the same quantity is insides our house due to the products we use, the daily routines we do, food we store, dust present in the house and many other reasons. This is why we are here to tell you all How to build a healthy home.

Every house is healthy and a healthier house is a happier house. But till what extent is your house is healthy? Do you really have a healthy life in your house? What is your opinion of Healthy House? To clarify all your doubts regarding a healthy home, one must answer themselves the following important questions and start thinking on How to build a healthy home? We are here to help you with the solutions too.

Is Air in your house is clean?

Air present in our home also contains many polluted chemicals because of the toxins and other chemical products we use for our daily activities. The basic method of cleaning air is to stop smoking in the house and not allowing others to smoke in the house. Smoke will pollute the air to a very bad extent. Regular house cleaning should be done.

Do you have in-house plants?in house plants

In-house plants like bonsai trees which will not grow bigger in size but has many extraordinary benefits will remove toxins and other harmful chemicals from the air and purifies air.

Always keep plants in the rooms and make sure to maintain them in good condition. These plants will provide pure oxygen and keep us healthy.

Is your water safe and pure?

Excess water everywhere in the house will give birth to various small insects and other deadly organisms. Make sure to keep your surrounding clean and dry.

Check whether the drinking water is pure and clean. Use purifier to clean water. There are many best purifiers available in market.

Do you use plenty of Toxic Products?

We use many toxic products from morning to night in different forms. From cleaning house to keeping items clean and neat we use various chemical products like deodorants, floor cleaners, fragrances and many more.

Try to decrease the usage of these products or look for alternative or apt for organic, homemade healthy products which will surely cleans house but also keeps you healthy and fit.

Do you keep your house clean and neat?

Keep your house clean, always schedule cleaning for at least every 15 days. Remove all dust and useless things from house time to time. Maintain house fresh and neat with flowers, colorful curtains, etc.

Do you have enough ventilation in your home?

Ventilation for the house is very important as the required amount of sun, air should fall inside of house in any form. Don't stay in closed house. Keep your windows open and allow fresh air to flow inside. Little amount of sun also makes a large difference ones it falls in the house.

Here are few simple tips on How to build a Healthy Home ?

For Kitchen:

  • Don't store food items for a long period of time in fridge or open place.healthy home
  • Keep kitchen always clean and remove all the dirt and garbage time to time.
  • Try to avoid as much plastic containers as you can and replace them with glass or steel containers.
  • Decrease usage of drinking water or any liquids in plastic water bottles. Instead, use copper or glass or stainless steel bottles.
  • Stop using non-stick cookware and start using other material like steel whenever needed. Non-stick cookware forms toxins when overheated.

For Bathroom:

  • Avoid usage of air fresheners and keep bathroom fresh and clean with homemade fresheners.
  • Keep bathroom clean and neat by cleaning it regularly.
  • Stop using high amount of toxic and chemical related bath products. Check before purchase.
  • Clean taps, showers, bathtubs and others regularly to avoid from bacteria and rust formed on taps.
  • Remove all unwanted, expired products from bathroom and change the product brands ones in a while.

For Bedroom:

  • Check how old are your mattresses. The old, the mattresses the more bed bugs so clean them with vacuum cleaner and if possible change them with new ones in a while.
  • Don't store laundry clothes for a long period of time. Clean it as soon as possible.
  • Change bed sheets weekly ones or thrice a day.

For Hall / Living Area:

  • Clean sofas and other furniture up to date.
  • If there is wooden furniture in the house, pesticide them to remove all bugs, insects from wood every 6 months.

So, did you answer all the above questions to yourself on How to build a healthy home? We hope you found the perfect solution to keep your house healthy. Follow is to know more about healthy life with many amazing beautiful tips. We will keep posting! Healthy Home! Happier Home!

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