Every woman desirous to have children is looking for some advice on how to get pregnant. The first thing that applies not only to women who want to conceive but also to everyone is that healthy body and healthy mind must be the priority. Hence, if you want to get pregnant, the first step is to become conscious of your body.

Taking Good Care Of Body

One of the best tips to get pregnant is to become conscious of the foods, drugs, and beverages you put in your body. Moreover, women who want to conceive must also keep aside some time for exercise. Optimizing fertility is the primary needs and it all depends on the normal functioning of your overall body, especially your menstrual cycle.

Get Your Timing Right

To ensure that you conceive early and know how to get pregnant, you must take care of the timing. Sperm has a lifespan of three to five days. However, an egg lasts only in between 12 to 24 hours.

Hence, if you want to increase your chances of conception, the best way is to have daily intercourse. It is highly essential, especially in the days that lead to ovulation and on the day, you ovulate.

By doing so, you enhance your chances of getting a healthy supply of sperm trapped in the fallopian tube when your body release an egg.

Knowing Ovulation Better

It is not clear when a woman ovulates. However, it majorly depends on the length of the menstrual cycle. In general, a woman ovulates 14 days before her next menses. Hence, if your menstrual cycle is of 28 days, it means that halfway through the cycle you will start ovulating. In some women, the cycle is of 35 days.

In these women, the ovulation period is 21 days and not 17 days. Consider day 1 as the first day of your cycle.

Monitoring Ovulation At Home

It is easier to predict ovulation in women with a regular cycle. However, women with irregular menses can have a problem fixing her ovulation period. But one thing is clear, that it always occurs 12 to 16 days before the menses. You can detect your ovulation period in several ways. Some such tips to get pregnant include:

Here are the some tips on how to get pregnant

  1. Using Home Ovulation Kits

This kit can help you in doing some guesswork regarding the exact period of your ovulation. The product is certainly good for this purpose. However, for using it properly, you must go through all the instructions mentioned on the products as they differ according to different brands.

The kit is easily available at local drug stores. It tests the presence of the luteinizing hormone in the urine. It is a substance that increases each month when you are ovulating making the ovaries release an egg. If your urine shows the presence of luteinizing hormone, three days from the day of the test are the best to have sex.

Couples must have more intercourse during these days to increase their chances of conceiving.

  1. Maintaining Track Of Basal Body Temperature

One of the easiest answers to how to get pregnant is your basal body temperature. It projects whether your body is ready for pregnancy and is ovulating or not. For this, a woman must take her temperature before she comes out of the bed. Chart the temperature every day on a graph and maintain it at least for three menstrual cycles.

During ovulation, the basal body temperature of a woman increase at least by half a degree Fahrenheit. During these two to three days when the body temperature is higher, the woman is most fertile. Couples must take advantage of this period to conceive early.

  1. Tracking Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is a common thing for a woman. To ensure the approximate time of ovulation, a woman can keep track of this mucus in her vagina. According to study reports, women who keep a check on their cervical mucus have more chances of getting pregnant in a period of six months.

The number of mucus increases during the ovulation period. In the most fertile three days, the mucus also becomes clearer, slippery and thinner. When mucus gains such a texture and property, sperms can easily slide down and harmonize with the egg.

Make Maximum Use of Fertile Window

The period of fertile window is of six days, five days before ovulation and also the day of ovulation. During this time, a woman is most fertile each month. According to experts, it is a clear solution to those wanting to know how to get pregnant.

One study says that intercourse more often culminates into the pregnancy when it takes place two days prior to ovulation.

Tips To Get Pregnant!

Tips To Get Pregnant

1.Maintain Healthy Weight

It is difficult for obese women to become pregnant. However, being too thin also reduces your chances of conceiving. The best bet is to have a healthy weight. So, if you are obese trying reducing few pounds. On the other hand, if you are too thin, try gaining more weight.

2.Start Prenatal Vitamin

These are usually prescribed after a woman conceives. However, if you are planning a pregnancy, you can start taking it even before conceiving. It will prepare your body's system for the pregnancy and help it stay.

It also helps to have a healthy and normal baby. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women taking 400 mcg folic acid or prenatal vitamin have very fewer chances of having a pregnancy with birth defects.

It is a good idea to start prenatal vitamin as the neural tube forms spine and brain within four weeks of conception even before the women realize that she is pregnant.

3.Eat Healthy

There is no such thing as a specific fertility diet promoting how to get pregnant. However, eating a variety of foods that are rich in nutrients and less in trans fats can give your body the much-needed boost to conceive and retain pregnancy. A woman planning to get pregnant should take good care of her body by including adequate nutrient-rich foods such as lean protein, dairy, whole grains, vegetable and healthy fat sources.

4.Avoid Stress and Strenuous Workout

Exercise is good for health. But during these days you must not do strenuous exercises at it may interfere with your ovulation process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must. Try meditation and yoga to keep you free from stress and also get enough exercise.

5.Kick Bad Habits

If you have the habit of smoking or drinking, you need to quit that habit. Out of all, the best tips to get pregnant is to kick out all the intoxicating habits including smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

So, here are so many solutions to your question on how to get pregnant. Try out these tips to get pregnant and ensure a happy and healthy journey through pregnancy.

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