The holidays are almost around the corner and the healthy summer drinks for kids are something that every mother would want to know. The sun is shining so brightly that we almost melt while under the sun.

Elders are not able to cope up with the summer and imagine how the kids would manage in this summer season and hot days. In order to keep the body hydrated one needs to look at the diet and plan accordingly.

Kids would not know what to eat and when to eat and it is the duty of the parents and the caretakers to feed them things that are healthy and nutritious. But the body becomes dehydrated as the sun soaks all the water from the body.

It is important to include more liquids during the summer season as it will help the body to keep hydrated. Summer drinks are famous and more popular amongst the children and their groups.

Healthy summer drinks for kids:

Following are some of the healthy drinks that should be given to the kids in order to tackle this summer season and keep the body hydrated with the drinks.


Vitamin c is very good for health and lemon are a good source of vitamin c. and this healthy drink would keep your body keep going on even in the scorching sun and one can quench their thirst with this lip-smacking drink.

All that you need to do is take a tumbler full of water and then add sugar to it. It is optional though. Stir it well and then add lemon juice or squeeze the halves of the lemon and stir well.

You can also add ice cubes if you want it to be served chilled. If you are giving to kids. You need to avoid it as it might be affecting the throats with the infection.

Healthy summer drinks for kids

2.Fruit punch

This is a wonderful idea for the kids who do not drink juices. An alternative to try on your kid to make him drink juices. This is very healthy and at the same time serves well for the summer days. A combination of fruits and its colors with so many nutritive elements would make your body healthy and be going.

Fruit punch is a healthy summer drink for kids. All that you have to do is store the different fruit juices in the ice cube trays and refrigerate it. Once done, you can unmould them and out then in a transparent glass.

As the cubes melt, they mix up with the other taste and flavor making up a new taste and making it up as a new drink. It is very colorful too and the reason for the kids to get attracted towards it.

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3.Strawberry milkshake

This is an old shake that has been loved and followed by people from ages. But why does it make as the most sought-after one amongst the all other drinks? This strawberry milkshake is a healthy summer drink for kids and at the same time a very tasty and suspicious drink.

Children usually love strawberries and the extra ingredients in this make it taste even yummier and delicious. All that you have to do is take few strawberries and add it to the grinder with a cup of water and sugar. Blend it and make it like a smoothie.

You can also add ice cubes but you need to make sure that the milkshake does not become runny and watery too. For avoiding this, you can make this shake in a pure thick milk or can add fresh cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4.Water and milk

Children need calcium and they need it in their daily intake in order to grow healthier. Milk makes up for a very healthy delicious drink. In order to make milk taste different, you can add a small drop of vanilla essence and chill it before serving it to the children.

Your kids would love it. You can also add a spoon of honey, or cardamom powder and refrigerate it before serving. Kids usually love cold drinks comparatively than the normal ones. So this could be the best alternative for a healthy summer drink for kids.

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