Summer has come all along its way with more heat this time. In Indian, there is a vacation around one month to all the schools. People will plan for healthy summer vacations in India to skip the heat and to spend valuable time with family, relatives, and friends.

The list below for healthy summer vacations in India is provided with the best 10 places to visit within the budget. Check out our list which is full of nature's beauty and different kinds of tourist places with all the facilities required. 

Top 10 places for summer vacation:summer vacation

1.Munnar, Kerala: It is well known as "Gods own Country." This land with filled with natures beauty. It has several natural lakes, hills, mountains and much more. The boathouses are very famous to stay a day in the center of the lake.

2.Leh Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir: The historical mountains in Ladakh are also known as Abodes of the Gods which are a mixture of natural beauty, spiritual connections with many traveling opportunities.

3.Nainital, Uttarakhand: The whole city filled with hill beauties is located around Naini Lake which is also known as a traditional destination for Indian Honeymoons. It is the best place for summer vacations to enjoy the real beauty.

4.Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal: It is the first national park in Mainland, Asia. It is filled with the culture and natures various species. It is conserving the natural heritage of India. It contains around 169 tigers, 600 elephants, 49 leopards and many others.

5.Darjeeling, West Bengal: This earthly paradise is the best hill station in the country. It is the cool place with neutral temperatures. Summer is the best time to spend a vacation in the lap of nature's beauty.

6.Gangtok, Sikkim: It is the transit point of traders between Tibet and India. It is filled with hills; lakes surrounded the area with fresh water. The lake will be frozen in the winter season. It will be cool in summer too.

7.Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: It is popularly known as princes of Hill station. It is filled with greenery and nature. Kodaikanal means the gift of the forest I Tamil language. It has various site seeing places. The maximum visits are registered in summer.

8.Ooty, Tamil Nadu: It was established as the British summer headquarters by the Chennai. Many people choose this place for the vacation to escape the summer heat. The main attraction is the botanical park which is filled in 22-hectare government land.

9.Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: It is specialized in Buddhist monasteries along with several famous sites seeing places. It also includes trekking, skidding, hiking and is chosen as the best spot for adventure lovers.

10.Mount Abu, Rajasthan: It is the hill station in Rajasthan to the border of Gujarat. It is a spiritual and natural space with many historical stories hidden in every place. It contains different mountains, lakes and other site seeing places. It is filled with various tourism places.

Tips for Healthy Summer Vacations :

Know about the tips for healthy summer vacations in India which are useful for everyone. Learn how to protect yourself from the sun.

House Protection:

  • Do not post your travel plans on any social media networks as they help people who are eagerly waiting to steal your house in your absence.
  • Keep all the required ID proof Xerox with you while traveling, which can be used instead of loss of originals.
  • Never keep or use your house address in unnecessary places such as on luggage bags, etc.
  • Keep limited cash in your wallets or purses and save them in different places in your luggage and travel bags.

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Valuables protection:

  • If you are traveling for the first time, always consider to take the guidance and help to do's and don'ts of the sightseeing places. 
  • If you are traveling by car, never keep all the required documents in the car itself. Save one copy in a car and keep the originals in another place.
  • If the car or bus or any other travel vehicle always close the windows and lock the doors before leaving.
  • If you are traveling and lost the way, do not stop in silent areas or any roadside. Prefer public places and stop there and get solution assistance from locals.
  • Remember to park the car in the parking and secured areas to avoid any damage or loss to the car.

Sun Protection:

  • As this, a summer vacation plans there should be separate sun protection for men, women, and kids.
  • Always use Sunscreen that protects from both UV-A and UV-B. Choose high SPF rating lotion and apply before you step out.
  • Carry a medical and sun protection kit to avoid any sort of damage to the skin.
  • Always carry sunglasses to protect eyes from high UV rays. This is no more a significant factor of fashion. Sunglasses are the need while traveling in the sun.
  • Always prefer cotton or lightweight clothes with light colors. As bright colors attract sun rays more.
  • Make sure to carry liquids in a high amount to avoid dehydration.
  • If you are under any medication, take necessary precautions to reduce risk factors due to sun heat.

Water Protection:

  • If you are traveling to water areas such as beaches, lakes, swimming pools, etc. always be under lifeguard supervision.
  • Wear a life jacket whenever you are traveling in water.
  • Take a shower after you come back to the room ones you end up day in the water.
  • If you are drinking alcohol be away from water and do not drive the boat, jet ski or any other watercraft.
  • Always check whether the water is clean, pure and neat or else you and your family may be affected with various skin infections.

Food Protection:

  • We love to try different foods when we travel new places.
  • Eat in limit and check whether it suits your food habits or not.
  • If you taste a new dish, eat a spoon and then go for the whole plate.
  • Do not consume oily food while traveling.
  • Before jumping into the water never eat heavily.
  • If you are an adventurous geek, then choose more liquids and fewer spice foods.
  • Try to eat the best and famous food of the locality you are visiting.

Hope these healthy summer vacations in India and the tips are useful for this summer vacation. So, why late plan a vacation and get ready to explore. Be Fit! Stay Happy! Enjoy Healthy summer vacations in India! in 2018 summer For more interesting articles, please subscribe to our newsletters.

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