Concerned about your baby? Want to know is antibiotics safe for babies or not? You might be having several queries related to antibiotics and its prescription for your little ones. Well, you are at the right place to get solutions for all your general queries.

What is Antibiotics and will it kills virus, bacteria and other germs?

Antibiotics do not kill viruses; they kill bacteria, thus they are effective against the diseases caused due to the bacteria. Antibiotics do nothing to combat against the common cold or upper respiratory infection, which is caused by virus. Actually, there are number of viruses that results in the common cold. Viruses are also accountable for most  coughs and sore throats.

Antibiotics are not effective against the common cold and they can show harmful impact on baby's health than good.

Is antibiotics safe for babiesIs antibiotics safe for babies ?

Bacteria are carried in our nasal digestive tracts and passages. Whenever a child takes antibiotic, it kills these normal & frequently protective bacteria. This allows new, more resistant bacteria to grow.

Bacteria can change & improve its resistance to antibiotics. These results in "super bugs" which are even difficult to kill, thus a child who takes antibiotics frequently have a chance to develop resistant organisms that are hard to overcome when that child gets ill.

If you are thinking that Is antibiotics safe for babies then you should know that antibiotics results in diarrhea & other allergic reactions. Diarrhea can be seen when the antibiotic annihilate the protective bacteria in your body. Allergic reactions can be seen at any time, particularly when the child is treated often with antibiotics.

Moreover, antibiotics needlessly have detrimental effects. Disease causing germs become resistant to antibiotics, and it becomes to treat bacterial illnesses in everyone.

When antibiotics are given?

Fortunately, few doctors suggest not using antibiotics much and prescribing them only when it is strictly essential. Though, as a parent, you still have to be careful when antibiotics are prescribed to your baby or child and it is suggested to think twice that is antibiotics safe for babies.

Why You Must Think Twice Prior to Giving Antibiotics to Your Child

Antibiotics are essential and can saves one's lives, however if they are over prescribed and misused, it results to dreadful conditions. When antibiotics are prescribed to children for viral illnesses, they are useless and can results in enduring changes to metabolism, gut bacteria & the immune system.

When antibiotics are prescribed?

For several child illnesses do not get cure from antibiotics like ear infections, sore throats and colds.

Antibiotics kill bacteria; however, many doctors prescribe antibiotics for child illnesses that are viral. The two popular common reasons for pediatric antibiotic prescriptions are ear infections and upper respiratory infections, of which 60 to 73% are estimated to be viral.

When are antibiotics suitable for children?

If you are thinking is antibiotics safe for babies, then you are at a right niche. When experts compare immediate antibiotic treatment, there was no development in pain related with ear infection at follow-up visits & no change in ear irregularities or symptom reappearance. Antibiotics are most useful in children below age 2 with two-sided ear infections & discharge. In many cases, a wait-and-see approach is the best.

Why we should not take antibiotics so lightly

Overuse & misuse of antibiotics has lasting consequences for children's. When individual take antibiotic by mouth, it is engaged in gut & enters into the bloodstream. Once in circulation, it passes throughout your organs & tissues, abolishing bacteria when it finds them.Broad-spectrum antibiotics are particularly adept killers, pointing wide variety of bacteria, subsuming several beneficial microbes. Irrespective of where the infection may be, they affect complete body & they take out many innocent bystanders.

Long-term risks of childhood antibiotics

The following are the few long-term risks of childhood antibiotics

Changes to the gut microbiota:

70% of immune system exists in the gut and the microbiota cooperates with immune system to guard and defend us.

Gut bacteria influences:

  • Metabolism
  • Immune function
  • Nutrition
  • Inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Weight gain
  • Gut inflammation
  • Asthma, eczema, and allergies
  • Metabolism and weight

How to Lower your child's antibiotic prescriptions with these five simple steps

In order to lower your child's antibiotic prescriptions follow the below steps:

  • Feed them good nutritional food, complete foods diet reduces the likelihood, frequency, & severity of child infections.
  • Ask your children to wash their hands often in order to minimize the exposure to infectious germs. It is good to wash hands after they reach home from school or other outings, furthermore to the typical times like prior to meals, after using the bathroom, etc.
  • Boost their intake of fermentable fiber and fermented foods to support gut health, and ponder supplemental probiotics & prebiotics.
  • Consider botanical medicines that can cut the period of viral infections, recover immunity, and offer symptom relief.
  • Provide them supplemental nutrients that averts or cuts the duration of infections

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