low calorie diet plan for weight loss

Written By: Dt.Hetal Mehta

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low calorie diet is indicated for individuals who are overweight or obese and require weight reduction. These are the conditions in which there is an endless deposit of body fat, an imbalance in energy intake verses energy expenditure, which is associated with increased incidence of many diseased states like hypertension, diabetes, gallbladder disorders, CVD, etc.

This diet provides less calorie but adequate proteins, vitaminsminerals and fluid. 

Principle of diet:


Low calorie diet

A low calorie, high vitamins and minerals, high fiber, low fat and high fluids should be provided.

  • High amount of fiber content help in binding the fat and makes it unavailable for absorption.
  • Small amounts of carbohydrates provide hips in maintaining body stores of glycogen.

Foods to be included:

Complex carbohydrates like Wholegrain Cereals, whole fruits, raw & cooked vegetables.

Proteins like whole pulses, lentils, low fat skimmed milk/yoghurt, egg white, etc.

Fats: Essential fatty acids from invisible sources like Flaxseeds, walnuts, Almonds, whole grains, etc.

Foods to be avoided:

Roots and tubers, whole milk, meat, figs, dates, nuts and oil seeds, fried foods, bakery foods, ice creams, butter, cheese, ghee and sugars should be avoided.


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