What Is The Best Time To Have Sex?

What Is The Best Time To Have Sex?


Discussing sex is considered taboo in many communities. However, no one can deny that complete fulfillment is the base of every marriage and it is incomplete without satisfactory sex. At times, there are couples who simply do not need anything to get a turn on. For them, the best time to have sex can be anytime.

Even then, if you do plan your fun moment according to the expert's advice, you can exploit more enjoyment. Research indicates that the best time of the day to have sex can differ from age to age and also your mood swings and health status.

Some of the considerations:

1. Before Your Big Day

According to research, sex helps to calm nerves, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. One of the studies suggests that having sex just before your big presentation, speech or public appearance makes you less stressed. So, for you, it can be the best time to have sex.

2. When You Say Good Morning

Sexologists are of the opinion that the body of humans and animals is made for morning sex. At this particular time, the testosterone and levels of energy are at an all-time high. When you have sex at the start of the day, your oxytocin levels peep up. It keeps you bonded to your partner all through the day. The endorphins also increase boosting your mood.

So for everyone, the best time of the day to have sex can be at the start of the day.

3. Sex When Stressed

You may find it surprising, but having intercourse when you are feeling low, depressed, and nervous can actually help you to become more positive. Of course, you may not feel like having sex when you are really ill, but on days when you are feeling nervous and anxious, sex is the best way out.

4. On the 14th Day Of Menses

According to a recent study, after two weeks of your cycle, exactly on the 14th day, the clitoris expands up to 20%. It makes engorging easier. It also indicates that women can achieve orgasm easily and quickly on this particular day. Since it is, the exact time when ovulation occurs. Hence, your body is also in need of sexual activity.


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Best Time To Have Sex According to Age

According to some experts, your stamina to want and have sex depends on your age. Subsequently, your best time of the day to have sex also differs depending upon how old you are. Sleep also plays an important role in this consideration, as a good night's sleep is always helpful in boosting sexual activity.

According to associate clinical research at Circadian Neuroscience Institute and Oxford University's Sleep, Dr.Kelley the clock of the body undergoes a change with every decade.

Your libido tends to be higher at a particular time of the day when you are in your twenties and thirties. However, as you move to your forties and fifties, the best time of the day for sex for you might undergo a change.

Are You In The thirties?

As you move from the twenties to your thirties, the body clock shifts and your waking habits tend to shift to earlier timings. Hence, at this age, the best time for intercourse is around 8:20 am. It is the time when the sunlight enhances the amount of testosterone in the body of both women and men.

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Evening Is Best During The Forties & Fifties

As you reach the forties, you become more alert earlier. Hence, you should go to bed early. According to Kelley, for people in their forties, the best time to have sex is after 10 pm just before you go to sleep. Even when you are in the fifties, the best time is just before you are about to sleep in the night.

Usually, by the time you reach the fifties, you are in a higher position and busier than before with a lot of responsibilities. So mornings are not ideal for intimacies.

Sex Earlier Before Going To Bed In The Sixties And Seventies

The best time to have sex during the sixties and seventies is a couple of hours earlier before going to bed. It can be anywhere between 8 to 8.30 pm depending upon when you go to sleep.

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