• How to remove sun tan from your body?
    January 1, 2016

    When summer is around the corner, you go around hiding yourself with full sleeved dresses and scarves for hiding your face from the sun. the sun tans your skin when it is exposed to it directly for some time. But if you really had to enjoy and go around under the scorching sun, then shake it up and go out without any tension. We have the best solutions and remedies for you for removing the sun tan from your body. These remedies are natural and are very effective to remove the sun tan.

    how to remove sun tan

    Sun Tan

    Face packs:

    There are various face packs that one can make and apply for getting the sun tan removed. Some of the best face packs are listed below. Try them and see the results.

    The chilling face pack:

    the combination of lemon and rose water with cucumber does wonders to the skin. Due to its natural chilling effect, it helps to soothe the skin and making it soft and relaxed. The lemon and rose water also helps in lightening the skin color and thereby removes the sun tan from the body. This anti-oxidant and the vitamin C stuffed combination of lemon and cucumber helps to lighten the spots and the blemishes in the skin. It can be applied anywhere in the body.

    Papaya and honey pack for a glowing skin:

    Papaya helps in rejuvenating the skin and makes it supple. The lightening agent in honey helps in removing the sun tan in the body and helps to reduce the spots and the blemishes in the skin. One can apply only honey as well directly on the tanned area. This will remove and reduce the sun tan considerately.

    papaya helps to how to remove sun tan from face


    Moisturizing and sunscreens lotions:

    One of the best ways to stay away from the sun tan and also to remove sun tan is to apply the moisturizing lotions that are water based. Cream based lotions make the skin oily and reduce the space for the skin to breathe. The water based lotions helps the skin to stay hydrated and helps it look fresh. The sun screens also help to remove the sun tan and also help in lightening the skin. The SPF agent in these creams helps to shield and protect the skin getting affected from the sun.

    One can select the SPF creams and lotions according to the skin type and also the tanning level. There are different SPF in the cream and lotions depending upon the action that it has to make on the skin.

    spf creams to remove sun tan

    SPF Cream

    Lightening creams to remove sun tan :

    The fairness creams and lotion which are SPF based helps one to remove sun tan from the body. The tanning happens when the skin is exposed to the direct sun and it becomes dark. The complexion can be either regained with the sun tan removal or the complexion enhancement. One can try the different face creams suitable to their skin type. This should be applied on a regular basis to see the visible results on the body.

    All the above solutions and remedies should be done regularly and consistently for getting the results.

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