A saggy belly has become a major concern nowadays. Consuming unhealthy food, poor habits, improper balance, and sitting for long at the same position results in an accumulation of fat around the body, making your look weird.

Not only does it look weird, but it's also unhealthy for most of us. In this article, we will look at what belly fat is, its types, causes, and exercises we can adopt to keep your belly fit.

What is the Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat?

Considering the exercises, stomach exercises are the best way to burn all the extra belly fats. These exercises help to reduce the belly. Exercising consistently helps reduce the excess weird belly fat to make your belly size and make abs firm, consistent and continuous.

It mainly happens that a flat belly is treated as a badge of honour for all those man and women who has a slim belly. All the belly fat burning exercises mainly involve abdominal midsection lean to make it slim and fabulous.

Causes of Belly Fat

There can be various reasons that can lead your belly to fat. Some of the important reasons are listed below:

  • No proper exercise
  • Constant Stress
  • Change in Lifestyle
  • Excess intake of Alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Habit of Smoking
  • Hereditary
  • Improper Sleeping patterns

Can people of any Gender and Age group do Belly Burn Exercises?

Yes, people of all ages and gender can do belly burn exercises to have their belly to be fit. But the proper care must be taken whenever you perform advanced exercises to burn belly fat. But it would be best for the age group between 18-50  with whom the health risk problem increases with their lifestyle transition. Moreover, belly exercises are not that much easy as it sounds.

And it also takes time to see the results of constant Exercise to reduce belly fat. Thus, it would help if you kept motivated while performing these exercises to see significant results as soon as possible. This is all because of the stubborn fat which exists in our bodies. Thus, for all age groups, different exercise plans are made, keeping in mind the health conditions of individuals.

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Benefits of Losing Belly Fat

There are enormous health benefits that we get after losing fat belly with constant stomach exercises in order to reduce fat belly-

As we know, Belly Fat is the primer reason for obesity which gets stored around the waist resulting from having a negative impact on a person's personality. Thus, doing exercises to get flat dummy showers would have a positive effect on your health as well as your personality. If you did exercises regularly, it would decrease the stack of cholesterol levels in your body which would prevent you from strokes, heart diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases. In addition, regular belly exercises reduce blood sugar levels which, as a result, reduces the chances of diabetes. Belly exercises lower blood pressure, reduce hypertension, and improve overall health. These tummy exercises also enhance your sleeping quality resulting in less stress and feeling of depression. Thus, these are the essential points that prove how belly exercises help improve our overall health.

Types of Belly fat & its dangers

According to Harvard Health, two kinds of fat are mainly found in our bodies. Thus before choosing which exercises to do, it is essential to know about this category of fats.

1. Subcutaneous Fat

It is a soft layer of chub that gets stacked under the skin. But it is primarily a harmless form of fat.

2. Visceral Fat

This fat accumulates around your organs, increasing the health risk of diabetes and cancer. Moreover, the critical point is that this belly fat is metabolically active, which significantly pumps out various inflammatory substances which interfere with the hormones resulting in changes in mood and brain functionality. It also boosts your cholesterol level, putting you at higher risk of hypertension.

Best 10 Exercises

1. Medicine Ball Slam

Suppose you haven't used a remedy ball because you lack out at school. "Your core is your ultimate centre of power, thus resulting in appearing explosive movements just like the med-ball slam calls for all of the muscles between your neck and your hips to paintings collectively,” says professional educate Sean De Wispelaere.

And if you choose the tempo and propel the ball with more power and velocity, you'll increase your coronary heart fee and burn a few serious belly flab, he says.

2. Burpees

If you are keen to lose your gut, you need to perform as much as muscles you can. It is an explosive exercise that involves going from push-up to jump stage and reversely back to the push-up stage. According to one study by the American College of Sports Medicine, it is found that ten fast-paced reps are just enough to burn your extra fat in a faster way than any activity you have done so far.

3. Treadmill Sprints

If you are worried about your weight, a few exercises are enough rather than going for multiple activities simultaneously. Even these few exercises are much better than our short, sharp cardio buts. For now, start with about fifteen sets of 20 seconds, each with a rest of 40 seconds with every 15 sets. And with the period increase your work: rest ratio.

4. Thrusters

Hit this multi-joint movement made of a squat, and a shoulder press will ignite your glutes, quads, abs, shoulders, and arms while taxing your cardiovascular fitness. It's the last bang-for-your-greenback Exercise that hits nearly every leading muscle group.

5. Russian Twists

The Russian twist is one of the core exercises improving oblique strength. This activity is performed with the help of a medicine ball or plate, which involves rotating the ball alternatively to both sides while you rest yourself in a sit-up position when your feet are set off the ground.

To do this exercise, sit up tall on the ground base with knees bent with legs together and off the ground. Now hold the medicine ball close to your chest height. The next step is to lower your body with the long and tall spine you have and keep your torso at a 45-degree angle.

From this position, turn your torso one time to the right, pause it where you will squeeze your right oblique muscles for 5 seconds, after which you move your torso to the left, repeating the same as done in the correct position you will follow all the steps for multiple repetitions.

Most importantly, all the movements should come from your ribs rather than your arms.

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Diet plan to Loose Belly Fat

Foremost,intake of the right kind of food plays a crucial role in losing belly fat. Yes, following a well-decided diet per the body's requirements isn't easy.

Research shows that 1500 calorie diet plan is ideal for men; similarly, 1200 calorie diet plan perfectly suits women. However, dietary plan varies from person to person. Thus, it's important to discuss your diet with a nutritionist and go accordingly.

One of the suitable plans for an average healthy person is suggested below-



7:00 AM

Lemon Cinnamon Water(1 Glass)

8:00 AM

Vegetable Sandwich & Skimmed Milk(1 Glass)

11:00 AM

Watermelon(1 Cup, Diced), Almond( 5)

1:00 PM

Masala Khichdi(2 Bowl), Sprouts Curd Salad(1 Bowl), Low Fat Curd Kadhi(1 Bowl)

3:30 PM

Buttermilk( 1 Full Glass)

4:00 PM

Green Tea

5:00 PM

Boiled Chana(Half Bowl)

8:30 PM

Chapati(2),Palak Paneer(1 Bowl),Cucumber

11:00 PM

Skimmed Milk


Foods that Keep Your Belly In Control
Eat Protein-Rich Food

Protein is considered one of the most crucial macronutrients to reduce weight as it reduces cravings, overeating, appetite, etc. Eating protein-rich foods helps speed up your metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Some protein-rich foods include lentil yoghurt, cheese, milk, and more like egg, chicken, fish, etc.

Reduce consumption of foods containing carbohydrate

It is found that when we start to eat high carbohydrate foods, all the hormones linked with fats store gears up to their peak level of functionality. Carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, cakes, biscuits, and sugary foods such as soft drinks, juice, and chocolates release a high quantity of sugar into the body.

Thus to cope with the significant release of sugar, insulin secretion increases in the pancreas, resulting in fat storage around the person's abdomen. Therefore, proper food needs to be taken while keeping in mind that anything in excess won't go into our bodies.

Try to consume lots of soluble fibre.

Soluble fibre makes a gel coming in contact with water which slows the food while it undergoes through your digestive system. With this fibre, you will see a significant loss in your weight. Along with this, if you plan to eat a high-fibre diet, then do it gradually and adequately to suit your body perfectly.


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