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Exercise is the only way to keep your body healthy and fit. Doing exercise regularly may sometimes become difficult especially for elderly people with the fear of injuring. For such individuals, water aerobics is a perfect fitness option as the buoyancy of water supports 90% of the body, yet because of its density provides adequate resistance to enhance muscle strength.

Water Aerobics

What is Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is nothing but the aerobic exercise performed in fairly shallow water like in a swimming pool. It is done vertically & without swimming usually in waist deep or deeper water, it is a kind of resistance training.

Difference between water aerobics and Normal Aerobics

The following is the difference between Normal Aerobics and Water Aerobics:

Difference between Normal Aerobics and Water Aerobics


Water Aerobics

Less toning-Classic class moves, like marching, star jumps & knee lifts, focus on calves, hips, bottom and thighs, is not so good for the upper body, as there is no resistance to work against. 

More toning – Resistance in water is 12 times the resistance of air. Also, the resistance exerted by watermarks in both directions, so every movement works. 

Involves constant cardiovascular exercise utilizing the entire body, so it's high on calorie consumption, even though less in low-affect classes, where one foot is on the ground.

Water Aerobics is seen as a simple option for the overweight people, also it is considered to be a valid alternative to general land-based workouts. 

Increases bone density, minimizes the risk of developing osteoporosis. High-impact workouts, or incorrect footwear, cause leg injuries like shin splints & stress fractures. 

In water aerobics, body weight is around 40% of that on land, so it is perfect for those with joint problems. However, it won't preserve bone density due to water weight-bearing effect.

For pregnant women, aerobics boosts mood & energy levels.

Water Aerobics are good for mental and physical wellbeing. Less physical discomfort, & enhanced mobility.

Improve coordination & agility. According to the sources, 12 weeks' aerobic improves agility as well as single leg balance time. 

Simpler moves so can’t improve coordination. However, the supportive environment is good for people with poor balance


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Benefits of water aerobics

Water aerobics develops strength, cardio & resistance in a cool and relaxing atmosphere! The following are the benefits of water aerobics.

  • Enhances muscle strength
  • Build endurance
  • Releases stress & declines anxiety
  • Intensifies flexibility
  • Burns calories
  • Eases pressure on the joints
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Cooling exercise
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Popular activity

Calorie Burn and Resistance

In water aerobics class, a 155-pound individual can burns around 300 calories in a one hour. Up the intensity & move to deep water aerobics once can burn as much as 11 calories for each minute. Also. Individuals can add equipment, such as noodles, paddles & buoys, to their workout in order to make a water aerobics session and a cardio session.

For whom it is useful

Water aerobics is useful for any individual who aims to remain fit and healthy. However, it is more suitable and useful for elderly people, pregnant women, heavyweight individuals, and people suffering from joint pains and so on.

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