Pregnancy is the most memorable moment for women. when a woman gets pregnant she needs to take care of her health and her baby health. she should follow the diet and exercises to make both we are here to tell you some points for pregnant women.

Here are the general advises before doing the exercises for pregnant women

  • Do not do the wrong postures during sitting an standing.

  • Pregnant women should do regular stress fewer exercises.

  • Yoga postures like pranayama, anulom-vinlom etc are the best to help her and her baby.

  • Other than exercises sitting, standing, and safe lifting will help her in a backache.?

 exercises for pregnant women

Instructions to follow before doing exercises

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

  • Warm up your body by doing brisk walking

  • Take proper positions as the mode of exercise

  • Maintain each position and take the breath for 10 counts

  • Back to an original position

  • Repeat the same position in opposite side

  • Take rest if you are tired

  • Follow the postures according to the advice of doctors

when not to do exercises

  • If a pregnant woman is suffering from blood pressure, lung disease, low

  • hemoglobin level

  • Always follow the instructions of doctors

Here are some postures to follow the pregnant women

  • Upper raising in lateral position

  • Pranayama

  • Anulom- vinlom

  • Bhramari

  • Vakrasana

  • Paryankasana

Some simple warm-up exercises

  • Ankle exercise

  • Knee exercise

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