Best Yoga Asanas to do While Traveling in Train

Best Yoga Asanas to do While Traveling in Train

People love to travel for many reasons such as taking a break from busy or hectic schedules, exploring different cultures, traditions, relaxing and so on. However during the process of traveling its quite common that you may face fatigue and stress, which may affect your journey, thus there are few Best Yoga Asanas to do while traveling in a train to overcome travel fatigue & stress.

YOGA is the only solution for refreshment in busy schedules, Jet lags, long and tired travel times. Though it is difficult with unfortunate seatmates, we can provide a way counteract all that sitting.

The below yoga poses assist in relieving an achy back, relax your body muscles, reduces stress, strengthens bones and improves your immune system. If you are an individual who undergoes muscle strain and health problem during traveling then below are few Best Yoga Asanas to do while traveling in a train.

thigh lifts

Seated Cat and Cow

Normally this is done on hands and knees breathe in and let your belly sway low when you gaze up (cow) then breathe out by lifting your belly button upward while looking between legs (cat).

Thigh Lifts

Thigh lifts are useful for improving blood circulation in legs. Get or push down in favor of your seat for stability and essentially lift your thighs up while squeezing your navel once again into the seat.

Ankle Rolls and Flexes

While the legs are locked in, it's a decent time to give the lower legs a quick overview. Begin with rolls, moving in a roundabout movement a couple of times clockwise then a couple of counter-clockwise. Thereafter, utilize that flexibility to push ankles significantly, then point out to the toes.

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Seated Spinal Twists

Move to the edge of the seat, cross your right leg over the left, and use the left hand (on your right knee) to help you twist. Breathe in and lengthen your torso, then spin your right shoulder back and the left forward. Hold it a breath or two and repeat on the other side

Eagle Arms

Eagle arms are best yoga pose for the upper back, shoulders, and arms - that is frequently hard to stretch. 

Neck Rolls

Neck rolls are a standard yoga warm-up exercise, and they are extraordinary for both extending the neck muscles and relaxing.


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