Water is one important part in human’s body to survive, and to boost energy level.  Water rejuvenate the cells in your body and if you don’t drink enough water then the cells have to work harder than the normal cycle to keep your body working and this can lead to some serious health problems which have fatal ends. Chill, don’t panic.

Consume as much amount of water as you can, as water has no calories and it only helps your immunity system to be on track. Below are some problems to realize you as what happens if you drink less water?

Weight Gain

Yes, this is the foremost thing which you have to understand that drinking enough water will not bloat your body with weight instead drinking enough water maintains your body fit by burning out all those unwanted calories leaving you with size zero.

You cannot lose weight only by hitting to the gym and sweating out but you have to drink lots of water to sweat all those extra fats.


Changes in Self

Mood swing, fatigue, nausea, and headache are what happens if you drink less water. This may sound not so serious at first but later it will have a great impact on your health. Well said by someone little drops of water makes the mighty ocean and every single drop of water you are consuming has countless benefits on your body.

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Who doesn’t want to have a good time in the bathroom? Yes, we all want that easy flow of shit without any difficulty. But if you don’t support your digestive track with a proper amount of fluids then it will lead to a disaster which is known as constipation.


Muscle/Body Aching

Are you crying in pain of muscle, joints cramping at the middle of the night or in the morning? No wonder it’s only because of lack of H2O in your body. No matter what time it just has a glass of water and surely you will feel relaxed. Do not over think just have a try.


8 Glasses of Water Makes Wonders!

Switch your thought from what happens if you drink less water to what is the best time to consume water to be protected from evil diseases.

Drinking 8 glass of Water makes wonders

First glass: 

After waking up – helps to rehydrate your brain and stimulate the digestive system


Second glass: 

After 1hour of breakfast – immunity booster and neutralize the ph


Third glass:

30 minutes before lunch – burns extra fats


Fourth glass:

30 minutes after lunch – increase blood production


Fifth glass:

Before tea/coffee – removes acid


Sixth glass:

Before dinner - prevents overeating


Seventh glass:

After dinner – prevents constipation


Eighth glass:

30 minutes before sleep – avoids muscle cramping



Don’t spoil your health by yourself. The right amount of water at right time will surely change your life in all positive ways.

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