Pimples and rashes are one of the most common skin conditions among teenagers. It turns out to be quite embarrassing sometimes having pimples and rashes all over your face ruining your impression. Now the question arises that what the reason behind these skin conditions is.

Causes behind Pimples

 Pimple on Teenage Girl Face

Let us start with pimples. It is a generally said that consuming highly greasy and oily foods also amount to the problem of pimples which is quite true. Pimples or acne in teenagers starts at the time of puberty when their body enhances production of androgens.

These Androgens are sex hormones which are present in our body. The increase in production of androgens leads the oil producing glands or the sebaceous to enlarge and to generate excessive oil.

This oily substance is known as the sebum. Our skin pores contain a fibrous protein named keratin which starts to clump together. A plug is created when the pores are clogged by the sebum and the dead cells of skin.

And so the outflow of sebum is barred by this plug. This leads to the production and multiplication of the bacteria. As a result an enzyme named lipase is formed. Lipase has tendency to irritate the hair follicle resulting it to split. As a result we see a red bump called pimple.

Causes behind Rashes

Skin Rashes are also a general problem with the teenagers. The rashes generally are inflammatory conditions that the skin suffers through. These conditions are often caused by a fungal or bacterial or a viral infection. The rashes on skin can be a resultant of an insect bite.

Experts say that some skin rashes are purely curable but some are not. Ichthyosis, eczema and psoriasis are some of the examples of such skin rashes that are treatable but not curable totally. However an appropriate treatment can help you to get rid of these skin problems.

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