• How to get rid of puffy eyes
    June 24, 2016

    If you are looking out for remedies to get rid of puffy eyes then read on to know more. Puffy eyes are a scenario within which the eyes begin swelling. The skin round the eyes is incredibly skinny and is incredibly sensitive. Usually puffy eyes can resolve on their own, or when basic home treatments. However puffy eyes are symptoms of alternative eye conditions which will need examination by an eye-care specialist.

    If your puffy eyes are severe and chronic or are in the middle of further symptoms, a specialist ought to be contacted concerning the matter.

    how to get rid of puffy eyes

    Puffy eyes

    Why are my eyes puffy?

    Puffy or swollen eyes are caused by fluid retention, stress, allergies, hormonal changes, and alternative factors. Crying is commonly in the middle of swollen eyes as a result of the small glands within the eyelids that turn out tears become inflamed from bodily function.

    Other times we tend to get puffy eyes when sleeping. This may be caused by an excessive amount of sodium within the diet, which causes water retention. Puffy eyes may be caused by lack of sleep or excessive alcohol intake. Further causes of puffy eyes include:

    • Normal aging method
    • Skin disorders like dermatitis
    • Diet
      causes of puffy eyes include styes you may get rid of puffy eyes with home remedies


    • Hypothyroidism
    • Dysfunction of tear glands
    • Nephritic syndrome : puffy eyes could also be the primary sign of this condition
    • Contact lenses
    • Allergies
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Blepharitis
    • Styes
    • Eye infections

    How am I able to prevent my eyes from becoming puffy?

    There is several stuff you can do to stop your eyes from becoming puffy.

    Tips that include on how to get rid of puffy eyes:

    • Avoiding rubbing your eyes; apply cold compresses once skin sensation happens
    • Avoid irritants like smoke
    • Avoid allergens when possible
    • Drink lots of water to avoid water retention and to keep your body clean
      limit intake of salt to get rid of puffy eyes


    • Do use cucumbers, tea bags, or different foods to cut back puffy eyes; foods contain bacteria that will cause an infection
    • Increase your nutrition intake
    • Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, particularly before bed
    • Avoid or limit sodium (salt) how much ever possible
    • Talk along with your specialist regarding avoiding puffy eyes altogether

    As mentioned on top of, vitamins will play a serious role in your eyes’ overall health. Healthy eyes are typically proof against such issues, and vitamins will facilitate improve the condition of the skin, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels around the eyes.

    Home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes

    1.Cool cucumber

    Use cool cucumber for additional puffy eye relief. Place a cool slice on every eye and take a rest for half-hour. Afterwards you’ll feel nice and fresh.

    use cool cucumber to get rid of puffy eyes

    Cool cucumber on eyes

    2.Raw potato slices

    Also use sliced potatoes in place of cucumbers. They keep cool longer and contain an astringent that helps take away the water from beneath the eyes. Keep it over the eyes and reap the advantages.


    Whole milk is most typically used, however soy milk works too. Dip a ball of cotton into cold milk and squeeze off the excess. Place on eyes to assist shrink the under-eye tissue.

    4.Green or black tea

    Tea bags are another common home remedy. To create it work, place 2 tea bags in some hot water. Remove from the hot water and let the tea bags cool to temperature and place on eyes for 15-30 minutes.

    use green tea bags to get rid of puffy eyes

    Green tea bags on eyes

    5.Chamomile tea

    Chamomile tea doesn’t have caffeine however it does have important anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can even give relief for redness and pink eye.

    use chamomile tea to get rid of puffy eyes

    Chamomile tea

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