• How to Prepare the Healthy Lunch (box) to School Going Children
    October 19, 2015

    It is important that your school going kids get the correctly balanced energy and nutrition through the food you pack in their lunch box. This is highly important for the proper development and learning process of the children. However most of the children are fussy about eating and hence it is a big challenge for the mother to pack in the right type of nutritious food in the lunch box keeping the taste of her kids in mind. Here are some tips that can help you to come up with innovative ideas for lunch box:

    healthy lunch box

    Healthy lunch box

    • Think about what your child insists on eating at home and provide similar food items in this lunch box.
    • If your child dislikes eating vegetables, try to arrange them creatively. For example, add some carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes to the dish.
    • Although apple is good for health, it cannot survive long when you cut it into pieces for your younger one. Try cutting down kiwis or berries that last longer and provide the required nutrition.
    • Avoid offering dairy products in the lunch box especially during the hot weather. Instead, give it when your child comes back home to complete the nutrition package.
    • Try to make lunch box a small picnic pack by adding grated carrot and cheese, sliced tomatoes, bread and butter. You can use multigrain or brown bread for better nutrition.
    • Do not give your child artificial juices or soft drinks. Stick to regular water as nothing works well in keeping your child energetic and hydrated all through the day.
    • Homemade pickelets or pickles can fix many things and serve as toppings for various pancakes and parathas.

    Inclusions in the Lunch Box

    add Kiwi fruit in healthy lunch

    Kiwi fruit

    • Starch should make up for one-third of the lunch box as it provides lots of energy. You can include rice salad, homemade pasta, pitta bread, bagels, baguettes, whole meal bread or wraps.
    • If at all, you feel like including dairy in the lunch box stick to whole meal crackers with soft cheese as topping.
    • Yoghurt prepared at home, combined with fruit slices is also good option. Avoid using artificially prepared fruity flavored yogurts as they contain additives and sugar.
    • Proteins are necessary in the lunch box. You can include eggs, beans, mackerel, and fish and mix them one of the vegetables your child loves the most.
    • Fruits and vegetables should be included in the lunch box. Add finger foods such as fingers of carrots or cucumber or make a fruity salad using kiwi fruit, blueberries, melon and strawberries.

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    Good.It helps a lot.