There are a number of medical conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction in men, and one such condition is High Blood Pressure.

Medications for High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are two common things if a man is suffering from hypertension. Few high blood pressure medications also lead to certain adverse effects. 

What is High Blood Pressure?

If the readings of blood pressure are consistently 140 over 90, or higher, for more than weeks then it is said to be High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. 

High Blood Pressure

Even, if one of the numbers is over the normal range for few weeks then it is known as HBP. The high blood pressure puts a strain on your heart & blood vessels, which increases the risk of a heart attack and many other chronic ailments.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

The exact cause of High blood pressure is unknown; however, the following are the risks of Hypertension:

  • Consumption of too much salt

  • Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables

  • Lack of activeness

  • Overweight

  • Consumption of too much alcohol.

  • Age

  • Ethnic Origin

  • Family history

Complications of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure leads to:

  • Heart attack

  • Sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction in men

  • Lower libido in women Stroke

  • Kidney failure

  • Loss of Vision

  • Peripheral artery disease

How High Blood Pressure Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

  • In men, testosterone plays a vital role for sexual arouse. But in men with high blood pressure testosterone is low which cites to High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Also, few medicines prescribed for high blood pressure also cause ED.

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What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction on in short known as ED is the incapability to keep an erection firm enough during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, it also called as impotence. Occasional Erectile dysfunction isn't uncommon.

A number of men come across this issue at the times of stress. However, recurrent Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of health problems that require proper treatment. Also, it is a sign of relationship or emotional difficulties that may require being addressed by a healthcare professional. All male sexual problems are not caused by ED, some of the other types of sexual dysfunction in male includes:

What causes an erection?

  • An erection problem is caused due to the increased flow of blood into your penis. The flow of blood is usually enthused either by direct contact with your penis or sexual thoughts.

  • At the time of sexual activity, man becomes sexually excited, and his muscles in the penis get relaxed. This relaxation permits the increased flow of blood via penile arteries. Two chambers inside the penis are filled with his blood. With the filling of blood, the penis grows unbending. Erection stops when muscles contract & accumulated blood flows out via the penile veins.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

The following are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Difficulty in getting an erection

  • Trouble in maintaining an erection at the time of sexual activities

  • Lack of interest in sex

  • Anorgasmia, inability to attain orgasm after enough stimulation

If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned symptoms for over two or more months you must approach a doctor immediately. So, that your doctor determines the required treatment.

How does age affect the incidence of ED?

According to the sources, over 30 million American men get affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Usually, Erectile Dysfunction affects the people as per below proportion:

  • Men younger than 60 is 12%

  • Men during their 60 is 22%

  • Men older than 70 is 30%

High Blood Pressure and Other Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The major cause of Erectile Dysfunction is High blood pressure. Presumably, it was found that around 49% of men whose age is in between 40 to 79 with high blood pressure had erectile dysfunction.

High blood pressure and Erectile Dysfunction are directly proportional. It is also found in men with high blood pressure, 68% of them had mild erectile dysfunction, whereas for 45% of the men, it was severe.

High blood pressure allows the blood flow into the penis from expanding the way they supposed to. Also, it makes smooth muscle in the penis to misplace its capability to relax. Thus, enough blood does not flow into the penis to make it straight.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

 If high blood pressure is the cause of impotence (erectile dysfunction) then lowering blood pressure with proper medications and changes in lifestyle changes must treat the problem effectively.

If blood pressure medicines are the cause of erectile dysfunction, then by changing the drug does this problem can be controlled. Make sure that you don't stop the medicines intake without consulting the doctor.

With High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction problems continue, and there are many treatments available to deal with it directly. Approach doctor to know all about the available options to cure erectile dysfunction

Lifestyle changes and diet

The following are the lifestyle changes that prevent the erectile dysfunction problem:

  • Maintain your low blood pressure

  • Do exercise regularly

  • Have a balanced and nutritious diet

  • Maintain proper healthy weight

  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

  • Decrease your stress.

The main reason for ED is with blood flow, so maintaining healthy blood vessel via exercise & healthy diet helps in reducing ED risk.

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