Healthy Diet Plans for Teenage girl

Healthy Diet Plans for Teenage girl

Teenage generally, the age between 11 - 18 years is considered as teenage (Adolescent). Here you get detailed healthy diet plans for teenage girl. In the adolescent age period, both men and women will experience many physical and mental changes.

When there is no special concentration on their food in this age, teenagers will suffer from many eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, etc. These disorders are seen because of high pressure and low self-esteem.

This is the age where teenagers experience a lot of new things especially girls. They become beauty conscious and stops to eat food while few addicts to junk food. This leads to many health problems.

Healthy diet plans for teenage girl || Healthy diet plans for teenage girl

Never starve yourself or stop eating food to look beautiful. This way is not a proper diet format. This process will impact of health disorders for the life-time.

If the teenager's diet plan is poor or inappropriate it leads to health issues like diabetes, sleeping disorders, kidney diseases, cardiac arrest, skin problems , nerve system damage and many other. To overcome these entire issues one must follow this healthy diet plans for teenage girl.

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Daily nutritional requirements for a teenager:

Every girl must follow the proper diet to maintain their physique, to be healthy, to look beautiful, to stay fit and whatnot. Stopping themselves from eating food is not at all good for one's healthy body. Here is the list of rich food which helps in all the possible ways to be fit and healthy.

  • Calcium: Milk, cheese, yogurt, soybeans, nuts.
  • Vitamin C: Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapes, tomato.
  • Vitamin D: Margarine, cereals, oily fish.
  • Proteins: Red meat, fish, pulses, green vegetables.
  • Folate: brown rice, bread.

A teenager must intake the required amount of nutrients, calories, and proteins for the body. Below is the list of calories and proteins depending upon

Daily Food items a teenager :


A teenager must eat fruits like apple, orange, grapes, banana and others at least 3 times a day in the limited quantity as they improve blood and immune system.

Meat / Meat substitutes:

Foods like meat, chicken, fish should be taken at least 2 times a day in very little quantity as to main proper mineral compounds in the body. One can add meat substitutes like cheese, beans, eggs, peanut butter in their diet instead of meat for balanced food diet.

Milk /yogurt:

Adolescents can serve 4-5 times a day with one cup of yogurt or 1 cup of low-fat milk in their diet. Milk or yogurt will produce enough energy to the body and keeps teen active all the day.


All fresh vegetables are healthy and keep away from all sorts of diseases. For best result add boiled veggies or raw veggies in your diet chart at least ones in a day. Salads are the best thing to balance the diet properly.


Teenagers should drink as many juices as possible and avoid all cool drinks and other drinks. Juice cleanses the body and removes all wastes and toxins from the body. Both fruit juices and veggies juices are good for health. Juices like carrot, beetroot, tomato or any fruit juice can be preferred.


Foods to Avoid :

  • Junk foods.
  • Chocolates / candy's.
  • Cool drinks or fizzy drinks.
  • Fast food or restaurant foods.
  • Oily foods.
  • Frozen food.
  • The high content of sugar/caffeine.

Healthy diet food for teenagers according to servings:

  • Breakfast: Never skip breakfast. Eat breakfast like a meal. Include fruits, boiled / raw veggies, brown bread, juices, dry fruits, eggs in your menu.
  • In-between snacks: In-between snacks are the good time to drink juices instead of drinking any beverages or hot drinks.
  • Lunch: In lunch add soups, salads, boiled veggies, sandwiches with multi-grains, veggies and green leafy vegetable curries with chapatti or brown rice. Eat rice in very small quantity.
  • Evening Snacks: Evening snacks are generally meant to relax and re-energize themselves. So add more quantity of fruits, bread, juices, milk in it.
  • Dinner: Dinner should be eaten in very less and limited quantity. It is best to eat salads, soups, fruits in night to maintain the proper diet.

Diet Tips for Teenage Girl:

  • Eating food time-to-time is the must and should.
  • Never skip any of the meal.
  • Eat-in limited quantity does not overeat as you are in a healthy diet.
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Eat low-fat food.
  • Prefer healthy food all the time.
  • Eat only home-made food.

Exercises for Teenagers:

Exercises are the best practice to maintain good body structure internally and externally. Exercise will make your body perfect and healthier than ever before. Regular exercise will achieve lifetime results.

Exercise like gym, aerobics, yoga, running, jogging and various other physical exercises will leave a very good impact on the body.

Exercises will help in strengthening the body, improves mental health, builds up confidence, acts as the stress buster, provides never lasting energy, maintains good functionality of the immune system and has various other benefits.

A girl who is following this healthy diet plans for a teenage girl should also take care of their health and follow this accordingly. Stay healthy! Be fit! Be Confident! Love yourself!

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