Nowadays the biggest problem for every person irrespective of age, gender, country is bald head. Here are the Homemade tips for hair growth on bald head. As the lifestyle changed and pollution increased extra care for hair is must and should. Let's discuss hair causes, remedies, tips here.

Causes of Baldness in Hair:

  • Insufficient Diet food.
  • Hereditary hair loss.
  • Chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Hormone imbalance.
  • Head scalp infections.
  • Immune system problems.

tips for hair growth on Bald Head

Homemade tips for hair growth on bald head:

Scalp oil Massages: Regular oil massage to the scalp will help in reducing hair loss and improves hair growth. This also helps in grey hair reduction. It will maintain good hair quantity and increases black hair.

Olive oil: Olive oil increases the hair growth and repairs damaged hair and improves the hair quality. Warm olive oil slightly and massage the scalp. Next day morning head bath with mild shampoo.

Castor oil: Castor oil will open the roots and allow hair to grow thicker and stronger. Heat castor oil and massage hair with warm oil. Keep it for half an hour and do the head bath.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is easily available in the market and has many uses. Regular usage of coconut oil will help in reducing hair fall and improves hair growth.

Vitamins to grow hair: Generally, many people suffer from hair loss because of vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency in the body will also lead to a bald head. Here are the homemade tips for hair growth on the bald head using vitamins.

Less number of vitamins, proteins and other components will weakens hair and leads to hair fall. Intake of more vitamins will surely increases hair growth. Make sure to eat Vitamin contained food products more every day in one or other form. This will not only help in hair growth but also helps in increasing healthy life style.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A will help in smoothing hair, Improves hair growth, reduces dandruff. Try to add Vitamin A to your daily food items.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B3 and B7 will increase blood circulation in the body and increase nutrients flow to the hair roots which will reduce dryness, stops grey hair, thickens hair.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E contains a very good amount of antioxidants which stimulates hair growth and stops baldness. Take vitamin E capsules which are available in medical shops easily and add the liquid present in capsules in the shampoo. Regular usage of shampoo mixed with capsule will help in every possible way to stop baldness and increases hair growth.

Hair Packs: Regular usage of hair packs will stop baldness and increase hair growth. At least ones in a week one must use any of the hair pack. These homemade tips for hair growth on the bald head are the best solution for hair baldness, hair growth and has many other unique benefits.

Henna pack: Henna helps to conditioning hair, reduces hair fall, improves hair growth and thickens hair. First, boil tea leaves in water, strain it and add to henna. Store it for overnight. Next day morning add one egg or egg yolk, lemon juice and curd to the henna tea leaves mixture, stir it well and apply this paste to hair layer by layer. Wait at least for 3 hours to make grey hair into color. If you just want to condition your hair to wait for 1 hour and wash hair with warm water.

Fenugreek and curd: Fenugreek and curd paste will stop dandruff, hair fall. Take fenugreek powder or fenugreek seeds mix them in curd and leave it for 1 one hour. If you use seeds, paste the curd and fenugreek mixture. Now apply this paste to hair scalp and leave it for 1 hour. Ones it dried wash hair with warm water.

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Onion: Onion is very useful for hair. It has very rich compounds which help in hair regrowth even in bald areas. Onion can be used in any form. Take an onion, make a paste and apply to scalp. Leave it for 1 hour and rinse it off. You can use onion paste also. Never store onion juice or paste as it may lose its properties. Instant juice will have strong power which helps in hair growth.

Egg and Lemon: Egg conditions hair, reduces hair fall and increases hair growth. Lemon has acetic acid in it which removes dandruff totally and develops hair thickness. Mix either total egg or only egg white with lemon and apply to scalp. Leave it for 1-2 hours and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

Oil Pack: Regular Oil pack massage for your hair will never allow any baldness and it stops bald head permanently. Mix castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil in the same quantity and store it in a cool place. Apply this oil mixture to hair and massage at least for 15 minutes. It's better if oil mixture is heated and applied.

Exercise is also the best homemade tips for hair growth on bald head:

Exercises like Yoga, Gym, and Meditation will improve blood circulation, opens the hair root and allows healthy hair to grow. Everyone should follow one or the other form of exercise every day. This will not only makes hair healthy but also keep us away from all diseases.

Few important tips to control hair loss:

Here are the few tips to be followed regularly to avoid baldness. All these tips are homemade tips for hair growth on bald head.

  • Avoid regular usage of Hair sprays and hair gels as they will weaken hair and lead to thin hair formation. It also increases split in hair.
  • Reduce regular shampooing hair, as they will make hair hard and dry. At least there should be a day or two days gap for shampooing hair. Try to use organic, herbal shampoos.
  • Decrease the use of hair dryer and hair blow. The heat produced by it will damage hair and increases hair splits.
  • Green Tea is very healthy and has many amazing health benefits. Green Tea is the best home-made tips for hair growth on bald head. Consuming green tea every day will prevent baldness.
  • Drink plenty of Water every day. Water is the best medicine to cure all the diseases. Blood circulation will increase to hair roots with water.
  • Stress is also the main cause of hair loss which slowly leads to baldness. Try to be stress-free as much possible and keep your mind peaceful.

Try these homemade tips for hair growth on bald head regularly. These tips not only prevents baldness but also helps in regrowth of hair, smoothes hair, stops split ends, decreases grey hair and have many more other benefits. Healthy Hair! Healthy Life!

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