There is much helluva made on whether is rice fattening or not. Rice is actually a food that is liked by majority of the people. It is a main food in many cuisines and many countries.

The Asian countries have this as main food from generations and it is one of the best tummy filling fiber food that one can add in the daily dietary plan.

Rice is also the richest source for carbohydrate. But do you think is rice fattening ? Then how do the Asians remain healthy, slim and fit? They do not have any problem with the body weight and they are normal. Let's find out.

Is rice fattening

Is rice fattening or not?

If you happen to eat nay food in excess, it stores up as fat. Same goes with the rice as well. The carbohydrates that you eat, gets stored up as fat, when you don't eat a balanced food and have no control over it.

Since rice is enriched with carbohydrates, and it has low fiber, you will probably have to keep a watch on the calorie intake that you consume as rice or any other form of food.

Asians and their healthy rice plan!

The reasons why the Asians remain healthy even after eating rice as their main food, almost daily is that, they mostly engage themselves in regular activities and exercises.

Whereas the westerners do not control their diet and binge on the junk food without control which results in improper processing of rice and carbohydrate. This is the result they gain much weight and to be precise, they believe they put on weight because of rice.

Nutritional value:

There are various types of rice that are available in the market. The most common and the most popular one is the white rice and brown rice. White is mostly preferred by majority of the people. Following is the nutritional value.

There are other nutrients too that are present in this white rice and brown rice. Though the white rice has lesser calories and brown rice has more calories, brown rice are considered healthier because of the nutrient density. 

Healthy tips for eating rice:

  • Before you start cooking, you need to wash the rice more than three times.
  • Add more water to the rice while cooking. This makes the starch dilute and when you drain and filter it, the starch is separated and you will have lesser calories in it.
  • Instead of fried rice, you should always prefer steamed or boiled rice.
  • Since it has less fiber, you should ensure that you add many dietary fibers in your diet plan in order to help with the digestive process.

nutritional values of rice


We have seen the nutritional value of rice, the famous grain which is considered as the main food. Now we understand and know how it affects and escalates weight gain when not consumed with control.

So it majorly depends on how you eat and what you eat. Be it the rice or any other food or the form of grains. Whether you consider rice as fattening by eating more of it in the diet or you consider it as a weight losing food, it is all up to you now.

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