Are You Planning to Start Practicing Yoga? Here are the Important Yoga Poses for Beginners

 Are You Planning to Start Practicing Yoga? Here are the Important Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga a spiritual discipline had emerged its roots from Hindu mythological era more than 5000 years ago. Yoga emerged from Sanskrit word “Yogah” which means to unite or yoke. Yoga was first introduced to the west by great Swami Vivekananda more than a hundred years ago. At present yoga has the extreme craze in America and other regions globally.

All the researchers, studies made by scientists on Yoga proven the benefits of Yoga and has gained more popularity in the health industry for its health benefits with the permanent solutions.

Top niche multi-specialty hospitals like yashoda hospital secunderabad appointments are available online and offline for Yoga classes especially for prenatal, heart health, diabetes, and other patients to ease their treatment and medication process.

What is Yoga?

Yoga will rejoin your mind, body, and soul together. Some call it a science of self-realization, and some call it spiritual science but, its beauty emerges by its benefits and Yoga binds you to nature forever with physical, emotional and mental stability.

The great Indian Sage “Patanjali” has redefined Yoga in his sutra’s into 8 stages.

1.Yamas: ethical discipline

2.Nyamas: ethical discipline

3.Asanas: postures

4.Pranayama: breathing exercises

5.Pratyahara: control of the sense

6.Dharana: concentration

7.Dhyana: meditation and

8.Samadhi: enlightenment

What are the types of Yoga?

All the yoga types are the different art forms of yoga. The yoga style differs for every yoga type. Even though you are a dedicated yoga or a seasonal yoga these yoga variations will challenge your comfort zone and makes you a fitness freak.

The type of Yoga we perform depends on the individual state of health and other factors and also varies among men and women in special conditions like pregnancy. There are mainly 10 types of yoga:

1.Hatha Yoga: This is the recommended yoga type for beginners. In Sanskrit “Hatha” is referred to “any yoga” which has physical postures. It balances energy in the body.

2.Vinyasa Yoga: It has to deal with music, and some smooth steps like yoga postures. This is full of entertainment and fun-filled yoga technique. It has its own fast pace to workout.

Many of the runners and athletes choose to vinyasa yoga for its sequel movements.

3.Iyengar Yoga: It makes flexible body alignment for each pose. This yoga type needs yoga tools like rope walls, blankets, yoga blocks to balance the postures.

It can be practiced in any age and best recovery method for injuries (better to consult a doctor before starting this yoga).

4.Ashtanga Yoga: This is the best yoga method for heart health. Each pose will have breathing process along with pose. It has an exact sequence for every class and is followed worldwide. It also perfections your body.

5.Bikram Yoga: It contains a specific series of 26 yoga postures along with 2 types of breathing exercises. This yoga is performed in a hot room with a temperature of 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity.

The yoga has the same procedure and all the training studios perform the process to get extreme benefits.

6.Hot Yoga: It is similar to Bikram yoga. The yoga postures will increase the sweat in you and it is the perfect yoga type for sweat lovers. It includes more physical positions to dip you in sweat.

7.Kundalini Yoga: Many celebrities are fond of this Kundalini yoga and made life-changing effects. It is best for spiritual practice. It has physical and mental challenging yoga practice different from other yoga classes.

The best way for an excess workout, and improves spiritual energy.

8.Yin Yoga: It has more seated postures and it is one of the slow-paced yoga styles. It is a little difficult for beginners as a single posture stays up to 2 minutes. It is the best meditative practice.

It helps your body for flexibility and stretches your bones. This is not recommended for those who are having connective tissue disorder.

9.Restorative Yoga: It winds down and relaxes your mind and cleanses your soul. It mainly focuses on body relaxation and there will be fewer postures but more time for each one is observed. The posture includes blankets, bolsters, eye pillows and other tools to support your body for perfect postures.

It is best for those struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and depression and is very helpful for athletes for speedy recovery.

10.Prenatal Yoga: This type of yoga is particularly adopted by “moms to be” and has variations in all the trimesters.

It helps in floor work, focuses on breathing, bands with the growing baby, helps to get through pelvic pains, and increases flexibility throughout the labor and delivery process.

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Who can do Yoga?

Yoga, a universal solution to the majority of problems, can be performed by anyone irrespective of caste, religion, country, history and other geographical information. Each yoga posture varies depending on the age, gender, health conditions, diseases, and other needs of the individual.

Yoga is a divine source to interact with the inner side of you. There is no harm in practicing yoga at any time or anywhere across the globe. Only the aspect one should concern is about the age and the type of yoga they are practicing. Many experts recommended to the age group of above 50 to perform gentle postures and smooth, flexible poses until you feel same to present it more immensely.

If you are an expert, you do not need to worry about anything. If you are a beginner, you must start yoga under an experts training. Sometimes self-teaching may harm your body as you may not aware of the pros and cons of the posture you are supposed to do.

Before starting yoga, be aware of the injuries, difficulties, health conditions of yourself and choose the yoga type depending on your health condition. As all the yoga types are not suitable for everyone, it may harm you with severe side-effects if not practiced as per the yoga expert guidance.

Yoga for Beginners:

Yoga a tremendous work out session will gift you with its amazing benefits even if you work for 1 hour in a week. A beginner gets a special guide from his/her trainer regarding dos and don’ts of yoga in their first session.

Every yoga teacher endorses you to start the session slowly and improve it gradually. All the time only you need to concentrate on the goal to increase the desire to explore yoga by practicing regularly.

Check out the easiest way to start yoga by the top 10 yoga Asanas for beginners:

1.Tadasana or Mountain Pose

2.Vrikshasana  or Tree Pose

3.Balasana or Child’s Pose

4.Utkatasana or Chair Pose

5.Virabhadrasana or Warrior-I

6.Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

7.Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

8.Baddha Konasana or Cobbler's Pose

9.Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog

10.Savasana or Corpse Pose

If you are not likely to start with these Asana’s only alone complete Surya Namaskar is enough to start your day which pours enough benefits on you.

Top 5 yoga asanas

What are the common basics everyone can follow while practicing Yoga?

Yoga, an auspicious practice is spreading its wings across the world because of its advantages. But, do you know there are few rules to be followed by the practitioner to enhance its benefits. Keep in mind these points before starting Yoga:

  • Choose the right clothes which are comfortable or you can get Yoga wear in various stores and online shopping portals.
  • Get a yoga mat for yourself. Sitting directly on the floor without any cover will reduce your energy grabbed with yoga.
  • Starting eating food on time, especially after yoga class
  • Keep away your Mobile or any other electronic accessories
  • Don’t be so impulsive while doing yoga, remember that saying “Slow and study wins the race.”
  • Ask every niche doubt to your trainer either about the poses or breathing exercises or about the class, never step out
  • Read a few articles, blogs or books regarding yoga and get awareness about its roots, history and other information.
  • Push yourself every day to not to skip yoga
  • Never compare yourself with others, you are awesome in your own way
  • Let you improve your flexibility day-by-day no need to hurry
  • Consult doctor or yoga experts or your trainers about the good and bad of yoga poses on mensuration time or during pregnancy
  • Learn the yoga terminology as slokas, prayers, and others

Never take your practice sessions so serious that it creates stress in you. Enjoy every session, live to an extreme and work smart.

What happens in our body if we do yoga regularly?

Yoga gives you harmony between mind, and body, its practice grows every bit of your body healthy and every sense of yours happy. You start spreading positivity all around you and improve your thinking capabilities by taking wise decisions. You will get the below benefits if you practice yoga every day at least for 3-6 months.

Top 30 benefits of Yoga:

Yoga Benefits! A huge never ending topic with an infinite number of advantages! A yogic will never stop praising its benefits and never end yoga due to some reason.

If you work correctly, you will enjoy the real-life benefits. If you exceed the yoga limit or work in the wrong way, it shows its side effects (though they are minor ones).

As we cannot put all the yoga benefits list here, we are adding the most proved and verified yoga benefits seen in millions globally at all the age groups.

1. It improves heart health

2. It makes you fit and healthy

3. It removes toxins from the body

4. It helps in proper circulation of blood

5. It betters the digestive system

6. It enriches the nerve system functionality

7. It modifies personality

8. It shapes-up your body

9. It speeds the recovery time from various diseases, injuries, and others

10. It slows the negativity

11. It reduces the stress

12. It prevents health conditions like Blood Pressure, Diabetes

13. It increases the concentration

14. It energizes your body and keeps you active all the day

15. It gives you best sleep

16. It enhances joints, muscles, and other organs

17. It magnifies your diet plans

18. It keeps away skin diseases

19. It acts as an anti-aging therapy

20. It gives you longevity

21. It vanishes all types of aches like back, neck, joints, head, stomach, and others

22. It loses the weight

23. It balances metabolism

24. It surpasses athletes performance

25. It relaxes mind

26. It cleanses your body

27. It protects your spine

28. It boosts bone health

29. It drains the lymph’s and increases immunity

30. It transforms your personal life with happiness, peace, and calm.

Benefits of yoga

Precautions to take care before starting Yoga:

  • Get your own yoga mats
  • Practice yoga in a fresh area under natures roof
  • Never begin yoga when you are drunk or under drugs
  • Do not exceed the limit in excitement
  • Consult your family doctor before joining Yoga family
  • Talk to the yoga trainer about your medical history
  • Choose the yoga type depending on your personality, requirements, and health conditions
  • Not a compulsory either to do regularly or not to do at all. Yoga can be performed every now and then or on a weekly basis depending on your commitments and timing.
  • Don’t worry about your yoga championship in a day. Proceed carefully and slowly.
  • Practice yoga until it doesn’t create any uncomforted or problem to you

Best Time to do Yoga?

The very best time to do yoga is in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening time around sunset. If your schedule is not flexible for either morning or evening, choose the time which is idealistic. There should be a minimum 2-3 hours gap between food and yoga. Remember to keep your stomach free before starting yoga.

Yoga on a full stomach at odd times like afternoon after lunch or night before sleep doesn’t have any real benefits instead it entertains you with few side effects.

Generally, yoga class duration will be from 45 minutes to 2hours depending on the yoga type, trainer and the person’s flexibility. Few training centers allow their students to join in their class at any time and few restrict their timings at the time of registration.

Which Type of the diseases can cure permanently and which we can manage properly?

The countless number of major and minor diseases, infections, and other health issues can be either treated or prevented or cured due to yoga. The list is on-going with the new emerging researches every day globally.

Here we are providing the top 20 proven list of major health issues and diseases which are prevented and cured completely.

1.All types of Diabetes

2.Any type of Thyroid

3.PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

4.Blood Pressure

5.Mensuration Problems


7.Gastric issues

8.STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

9.Viral fevers

10.TB (Tuberculosis TB)


12.Few of the cancers can be completely cured or treated


14.Heart Diseases

15.Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)


17.Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

18.Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)



Difference between Yoga and Meditation:

Many get confused between yoga and meditation and end up by imagining both as the same. But, it has a vast difference and benefits in its own ways. By performing any one between yoga and meditation, you cannot get both the benefits.

Yoga is to the pact with more physical postures, breathing exercises whereas Meditation pacts with mental stability, peace of mind and other factors.


It’s a spiritual practice, not a religion. It is filled with various postures with physical and mental stability. Its an activity covered all the factors of the body both internally and externally. It concentrates on physical body maintenance, keeps you fit and helps in healthy life.

Yoga can be performed in fresh air with more flexible postures. There are various yoga types as mentioned in this article with its own advantages.


It all deals with mind and molds mind positively. It opens up your all the chakras makes you a wisdom person. It increases concentration, memory powers, encourages positive thoughts, keeps your mental stability on the track.

Meditation is highly needed to work with the mind or brain by sitting at a peaceful place and keeps on focusing on mental relaxation, stress relief, and other factors. Meditation is preferred ones the yoga is completed to relax the vibrations of the body caused due to yoga poses.

Both Yoga and Meditation can be performed simultaneously and helps each other to surpass all the negativity and refreshes your mind, body, and soul.

Even the highly experienced doctors, for example, maxcure hospital Madhapur branch, guide the right path of practicing the yoga by conducting special classes to relieve the painful burden of the treatment and diagnosis process.

Hence, Join Yoga today! Enjoy its amazing benefits! Spread the positivity! Make your family a Yoga Family!

Learning Yoga by watching videos and TV is the correct concept or not?

If you are spontaneous and if you can work out with full-on dedication, then Yes, learning and doing yoga by watching videos or television is correct for you.

If you need a push to start or if you looking for a motivation to start then, going to a studio or training center is appropriate for you.

Practicing yoga by videos or TV will surely help with the same benefits only if you struggle as per the instructions without fail.

Choosing the best channel which encourages you and enhances your energy and whom you can trust is necessary. Have a clean check on all the aspects like teaching techniques, video quality, Yoga type, language, and other information before confirming your session type.

It might be anyway but, do not fail to do yoga every day. Never let your inner desire to die before becoming a professional yoga master.

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