Teenagers love to be in shape and thus skip their food which leads to many diseases. To make every teens health in better way without skipping any meal here is the balanced diet chart for teenagers. Here in this we provided different diet charts to give you the detailed image on diet according to the age.

To get any type of balanced diet chart for Teenagers or any other person one must drink sufficient water without fail. Water helps in removing all the waste materials and toxins from the body and keeps the body system clean.

Look at the detailed picture on usage of water depending upon age. Here is the Balanced diet chart for teenagers depending upon age.

To maintain balanced diet for teenagers one must follow few daily routines to be healthy when you are in a diet. Here is the balanced diet chart for teenagers to be fit and healthy when you are in diet.

  • Start you day with drinking water: As said in this article above water is very essential either you are in diet or not. Teen should drink at least 8 liters per day.
  • Get enough sleep every day: When you don't get enough sleep every day, you will feel dull, sad and depressed and increases many diseases. Every person should sleep at least 8 hours per day to refresh you.
  • Never skip food routine: Never skip any food time whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner. Even when you are in diet you should eat healthy snacks also. Add healthy food items to your menu as discussed in this article.
  • Eat limited food every day: Many of us are food lovers and love to eat more food. But when you are following diet don't over eat food. Eat limited and opt for good organic foods.
  • Avoid junk food: Junk food will taste awesome and we all love to eat it on regular basis but it is very harmful for health if eaten regularly. This will lead to obesity and many other health problems. Avoid junk foods like pizza, burger, Chinese foods and other saturated food items.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercises are very good for health. One must opt this habit whether they are in diet or not. Exercises like yoga, running, jogging, gym, breathing exercises; meditation will also help in reducing weight and maintains diet.

Balanced Diet Chart for Teenagers

Here is the required number of calories depending upon gender in the form of chat. This balanced diet chart for teenagers should follow and take care of calories.


Food to prefer to maintain balanced diet chart for teenagers:

Foods to avoid to be in balanced diet chart for teenagers:

  • Sweets
  • Processed food
  • Packed food
  • Mutton
  • Meat
  • Fried food

Lets discuss on the list of foods to be added in every meal you eat from morning to night. Below is list on balanced diet chart for teenagers food menu.


Breakfast charges body energy. It provides proteins and other essential minerals to body. There is a saying Eat like a king in your breakfast. Eat more food in the morning. Choose whole grains, cereals, milk, fruit juices, breads for your breakfast menu.


Lunch should be eaten in limit and add vitamin content food more in lunch. Add soups, sandwich, little amount of brown rice, veggie salads, leafy vegetables in your lunch.


Dinner should eaten early but not late in night. Eat very less quantity in dinner just to not keep your stomach empty. Eat chapatti, veggie salads, green leafy veggies more in dinner and avoid any sort of heavy food.

Here is the balanced diet plan for girls and boys with the required number of minerals depending upon age.

Diet Age 13 - 15 Years 16 - 18 Years
Gender Boy Girl Boy Girl
Body Weight in KG 47 46 57 49
Energy in kcal 2450 2060 2640 2060
Protein in gm 70 65 78 63
Iron in Mg 41 28 50 30

When teenagers are in diet there are few do's and don'ts to be followed to maintain a proper balanced diet plan for teenagers. Here is the list of food items which should be preferred and avoided by the teenagers.

The below Table shows the Nutritions Percentage (%) for Teenage people.

Quick Tips:

  • Eat healthy food.
  • Drink more juices.
  • Exercise Regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Maintain healthy diet.
  • Plan your diet accordingly.
  • Eat limited and eat more times.
  • Prepare chart and add daily meals list.

Every person who is in diet should remember these details to maintain healthy diet without any side effects or diseases. Use these charts and prepare one for yourself and start the balanced diet plan and prepare yourself to follow a healthy diet.

To get the healthy diet plans for teenagers read our diet plan articles with tips and tricks. Diet Healthy! Eat Healthy! Stay Healthy!

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