Are you a woman over 40 years? Want to know all about vitamins for 40-year-old woman? Well, you are at the right niche. There are thousands of products & ideas available in the market to consume and attain all the vitamins that are vital for you if you are a woman over years.

As women age increases, their bodies nutritional needs also change. The metabolism slows, it and results in weight gain, also they begin to lose bone and muscle. A proper diet with nutrition helps to slow down the body's aging process, although it will not halt it.

Making sure that woman body gets the right vitamins can be helpful, and eating a healthy diet. However, it is suggested to approach a physician before you start taking any new supplements. 

 vitamins for 40-year-old woman

Why it is useful to intake vitamins for 40-year-old woman

For a woman, vitamins & nutrients act as an army and fight off against various age-related ailments, and the best way to build this vitamins or nutrients is by maintaining a proper healthy diet.

When it is always vital to eat well, it also becomes particularly vital around age above 40 as that's when the rules start to change.

Many of the women probably not work the same way at 40-plus as it was at 20, because muscle mass starts to deteriorate, and women may put on weight, menopause may also start, and risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes start to increase-which means battle plan has to start looking a little different. The best way to attain vitamins is by consuming the proper food at right time.

Vitamins for 40-year-old woman:

The following are the vitamins for 40-year-old woman:

Vitamin B12

Once you become 40 years old, vitamin B12 must be on the radar. It's vital for normal blood & brain functioning. And when children & younger adults are probably to get B12 vitamin they require from food-it's in meat & animal products subsuming chicken, dairy, fish& eggs-B12 is poorly absorbed as body ages, characteristically starting around 50 as that's when stomach acid levels reduce. Anytime before after 40 years or prior to turning 50.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital, particularly after 40, as it helps protect against age-related changes. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and breast & colorectal cancers-all of which are likely to crop up the older you get.

Also, Vitamin D is vital for absorption of calcium in the body. The Dietary sources of vitamin D include fish & fortified dairy, cereals and grains, but generally the Vitamin D obtained from food is absorbed poorly. The sun is considered as the best source of the vitamin D.


A main function of magnesium helps in regulating blood pressure, which is particularly vital for women above 40-plus, who are prone to risks such as high blood pressure. Deficiencies in magnesium lead to heart disease, inflammation and diabetes.

Further, Magnesium helps the body absorb calcium & plays a vital role in nerve, muscle & heart function, and blood glucose control. Best medical expert test magnesium levels if you feel that you have Magnesium deficiency.

However, eating healthy and balanced diet, helps in regaining the magnesium you need. The rich source of Magnesium is dark leafy greens, soy,beans, seeds, nuts & avocados. The consumption of too much magnesium does not necessarily pretense health risks, but can cause nausea, diarrhea or cramping


Potassium is essential to keep blood pressure in check. The consumption of potassium during postmenopausal reduces stroke risks. Also, it is believed that the consumption of 3.1g of potassium is more, which is anyways less than the recommended 4.7 g per each day.

Too much potassium intake damages gastrointestinal tract & heart, and cause potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. The rich source of potassium food is bananas, chard, beans, sweet potatoes & lentils


Omega-3 fatty acids deserve a place among the list of myriad health benefits, and especially as they assist in counteracting few negative changes that come with aging, such as increased heart disease risk & cognitive decline. Also, omega-3 helps in lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, minimize the heart disease risk, & play a role in keeping memory & thinking sharp.


Though Probiotics is either vitamins or minerals, they are vital for women over 40. Probiotics play a vital role in keeping the gut healthy & weight down, and even helps in minimizing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes all of which is important around 40 when muscle mass starts to decrease, making it simpler to put on weight & develop insulin resistance.

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