Before we get into the details of what exactly is red chili and what are its benefits, let us know the nutritional benefits of red chili

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We have always heard various health benefits red chili in our diet. However, anything used in excess could also be dangerous for our body.

Hence, it is always suggested that everything we use should be in moderate in order to maintain the balance.

Researchers have shown that there are various benefits of red chilli and some of them are that it improves the cognitive functioning of the body and its system, improves the formation of red blood cells, immunity, reduces intestinal diseases, contributes in clearing nasal congestion, and also for maintaining healthy eyes.

Red chili is also known for preventing various diseases like cancer, stomach ulcer and also helps in weight loss.

Health benefits of red chili || red chilli benefits

But what exactly is red chili?

Red chilies are nothing but the chili pepper that belongs to Solanaceae family.

Although it wasn’t very famous earlier, recently it has become very much in demand across the world due to its various health benefits.

Red chilies are also one of the most famous commercial crops across the globe.

It is estimated that there are roughly 33.2 million tons of chilies are cultivated every year in China! That’s a huge one! Isn’t it?

How are they used?

They are one of the main ingredients that are used for making the flavor stronger and spicier.

Red chilies are dried and used as it is or they are even powdered. It can also be added as the main ingredient in any dish or it can be into red chili sauce as well.

The red chili’s hotness and spiciness come from an active alkaloid named as capsaicin. The spiciness of the chilies depends on this alkaloid or the condition in which it is grown and dried.

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The Top 8 health benefits of chili

1.Contributes to RBC formation

Red chilies play a major role in the formation of red blood cells. When red blood cells reduce in the human body, it leads to anemia and fatigue.

The copper and iron content in red chilies help and play a vital role in the formation of red blood cells. It is said that red chilies are also rich in folic acid and folic acid helps fight anemia.

2.Helps in improving cognitive functioning

Reduced cognitive functioning of your brain leads to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

One needs a proper flow of oxygen and iron in the body and blood for achieving good cognitive condition. Red chili helps in improving this.

3.Reduces BP and prevents cardiovascular disease

Chilli contains potassium, riboflavin, and niacin. Potassium helps in relaxing blood vessels. Thus it essentially works on reducing various heart diseases (cardiovascular diseases).

Niacin helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body and also helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases. Adding a tang of red chili would also help in preventing atherosclerosis.

4.Chili Pepper Medicinal Uses-Natural pain relief

Red chili acts as a natural pain reliever. There are diseases like osteoarthritis and diabetic neuropathy in which red chili is used as a natural agent for relieving pain.

5.Helps in clearing nasal congestion

Red chilly plays a vital role in clearing congestion. If you are annoyed by mucus in your nasal passage or irritated by the stuffy nose, or even if you have sinusitis, ensure that you start using red chilly that helps in clearing nasal congestion.

6.Boosts immunity

Red chilly helps in boosting immunity. Red chilies are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin A helps in fighting against various infections. Vitamin A also helps in maintaining a healthy intestinal tract, respiratory tract, and urinary tract.

7.Promotes healthy eyes

Vitamin A is loaded in red chilly and they play an important role in maintaining healthy eyes.  The eye sights can be improved with daily usage of red chilly in the diet.

8.Soothes intestinal disorders and prevents cancer

The capsaicin in the red chilly can kill bacteria like H.Pylori and also helps in curing inflammatory bowel diseases. It is said that the red chilly is used as a preservative in various food because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property. It is also said that red chilly also helps in killing leukemia, the cancer cells.

Start to use Red Chili in various ways in our Daily Recipes to get all these benefits.

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