How To Prevent Hypertensive Heart Disease Through Heart Care Tips?

How To Prevent Hypertensive Heart Disease Through Heart Care Tips?

Hypertensive or Hypertension is another form of High Blood Pressure, which is a medical condition where blood is exerted towards the walls of the blood vessels. This force is dependent upon the resistance of blood vessels and cardiac output.

The risk of Hypertensive Heart Disease occurs when the blood pressure becomes higher than 140 over the 90 mmHg.

Causes of Hypertensive or Hypertension:

Primary Hypertension: - It is a result of multiple factors such as the changing lifestyle, genetic factors, lack of exercise, obesity, etc.

Secondary Hypertension: - This condition is caused due to an endocrine condition, drinking alcohol, taking illegal drugs, excessive herbal medications, etc.

Intake of Other Medicines: - The intake of Oral Contraceptive pills or therapy for menopause can be a cause. For this, one can immediately contact the best cardiologist in Hyderabad India.

Hypertension causes

What is Hypertensive Heart Disease?

A heart condition is caused by high blood pressure, as there are many related heart disorders, which are caused due to the increased pressure. Hypertensive Heart Disease mainly involves thickening of the heart muscles, heart failure, the condition of coronary artery disease and other heart conditions.

It is a leading cause of severe health problems and in many cases lead to hypertensive heart disease sudden death too. One can consult the yashoda hospital Secunderabad Doctors for the quality treatment.

Symptoms of Hypertensive Heart Disease:

Some of the different symptoms or signs are mentioned here:

  • Swelling of ankles and feet
  • High blood pressure and heart attack
  • Pressure and tightness in the chest
  • Loss of appetite and fatigue
  • Diminished Coronary Flow and the myocardial ischemia

If a person is facing these symptoms then they should immediately refer to the best cardiologist surgeon in Hyderabad.

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Diagnosis of Hypertensive Heart Disease:

If a person is going through some kind of uneasiness then they should be referred for checking the hypertensive cardiovascular disease condition. The best Interventional cardiologist in Hyderabad will check the patient for the signs of heart disease that includes:

  • Irregular Heart Beat and Enlarged Heart
  • Unusual Heart Sounds
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Presence of the fluid in the lower extremities or the lungs
Surgical Devices Used for treating Hypertensive Heart Disease

Heart problems are not restricted to adults but it may affect newborns or small children too so for that, parents should take advice from the best pediatric cardiologist before going for any heart surgery. In some cases, the doctors need to check the blood pressure during heart attack before using these particular devices for surgery like:

  • Pacemaker
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
  • ICDs or the Cardioverter Defibrillators
Top 50 Tips for Heart Care

With the changing lifestyle, it becomes difficult for the people to control their diet or go for exercising regularly. This may generally increase the risk of high blood pressure that may lead to heart failure. In this case, the patients can look forward to the advice of the cardiologist so that they can get these tips for keeping their heart healthy.

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Here are some of the 50 healthy heart tips for heart patients and other individuals too

1.Reduction in the Sodium Consumption: - The intake of sodium increases the risks of hypertension and may lead to hypertension and heart attack. With maximum consumption of sodium, the heart has to work harder and very fast. For this, one should cut out on processed and junk foods.

2.Cutting down on Saturated Fats: - The daily intake of saturated fats should be limited to 7% as the calories count and should range between 10 to 11 grams. This will provide a healthy and long life to your heart.

3.Using the Natural Sweeteners: - In order to satisfy the sweet cravings, people can use the maple syrup, honey, and fruits as they are mixed with vitamins and fibers. They should also be taken in moderation in order to regulate low blood pressure and heart attack

4.Including the Phytonutrients: - Phytonutrients will help in providing your body with the basic nutritious food and is healthy for the heart too. They also help in keeping away cancer and obesity.

5.Drinking Adequate Water: - Water helps in lowering the chances of the hypertensive cardiovascular disease because it helps in flushing out toxins from the body. An average person should have 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep their body clean and healthy.

6.Avoid Sugar Products: - The patients or even other people should avoid eating the sugar products. As the intake of sugar products may lead to higher insulin levels, damage to the arteries and inflammation. They should avoid fast foods or sugar-coated products.

7.Regular Exercise: - The blood pressure during a heart attack can be controlled with the help of cardio exercises. People should exercise for 30 minutes daily so that they can cut out the extra kilos and maintain their heart health.

8.Five-Hour Gap between the Meals: - Most of the people eat the meals frequently and this will not bring down the insulin level in the body. As a result, it will increase the cholesterol levels, lipids production or fatty acid in the body. For maintaining the moderate level, one should keep a five-hour gap between their meals.

9.Eat a Balanced Diet: - It is necessary to include foods that have a good amount of minerals, fiber and vitamins rather than calories. The meal each day should contain the biological value proteins instead of trans-fat or the saturated fat.

10.Quit Smoking: - It is one of the relative causes of the coronary heart diseases and even leads to heart failure. One can quit smoking by using the medications by consulting their doctor.

11.Maintain your Weight: - People should eat the diet that is low in fats and sugar in order to maintain their weight. They can take balanced diet, vegetables, fruits, and should stick to regular exercising.

12.Eating Plenty of Fiber: - A minimal of 30 grams a day of fiber intake should be done by an individual as this will help in lowering the risk of heart disease. People can take the bran, oats, wholemeal bread, leafy green vegetables, some fruits and wholegrain cereals.

13.Eating of Fish: - Omega-3 fats, present in the fish can help the person fight against the heart disease. They should take fish twice a week that includes the portion of oily fish too. People can eat fishes like fresh tuna, mackerel, salmon, and sardines.

14.Less Alcohol Intake: - Most of the medical institutes have prescribed the limit of alcohol intake. One should not drink excessively as it contains a high amount of calories and can affect the waistline. The limited intake of alcohol can reduce the risk of High blood pressure and heart attack.

15.Make Healthier Choices for Foods: - Before purchasing the food from the market especially the packed foods, one should check out the sugar, calories and fat level. Most of the times, people have to purchase packed foods. But, choosing the healthy food can provide care to your heart.

16.Rinse the Canned Food: - If you are buying the canned food or vegetables from the market, one should rinse them well under open water. This will help in removing sodium and many preservatives from the canned food.

17.Taking Adequate Sleep: - A normal human should sleep between 6-8 hours in order to balance their body. If an individual is getting less than 6-8 hours of sleep then it can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure or an increase in the inflammation level in the body.

18.Practicing Yoga: - People can practice yoga for keeping their heart healthy and maintaining their weight too. They can try varied asana or mudras like the Padmasana, Gyan Mudra, Vyaan Mudra, Surya Mudra, Brahmi Pranayama and many more asana and mudras can be tried at home.

19.Inculcating Healthy Habits amongst Children: - Most of the children or even newborns are diagnosed with coronary heart diseases. The complications develop due to lack of nutritional diet provided to a mother during childbirth or if children are following bad eating habits. In this case, the parents should involve their children in physical activities and encourage them to eat a healthy nutritious diet.

20.Go for an Annual Checkup: - Not only should the heart patients but also the normal individuals visit the cardiologist for the Heart check-up. One should get their glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol level checked by the doctor. If there are any variations reported, one should go by the advice of a doctor and follow medications too.

21.Sip on Some Tea: - The black and green tea contains antioxidants helpful in increasing the blood flow and improving blood vessel function. People should use organic loose tea instead of packed tea and there should be no added sugars too.

22.Go for Vegetable Juice: - People can make homemade vegetable juice for breakfast by adding carrots and apples. The vegetable juice should be low in sodium content.

23.Italian Cuisine: - The eating of Italian cuisine reduces the risk of heart attack by 65% as they use tomatoes and tomato made sauces in abundance. The meal can include vegetarian lasagna, spaghetti with marinara sauce and pizza with half of the cheese and double the tomato sauce content.

24.Spicing up the Meals: - Onions and Garlic provide a special taste to any dish that you prepare for the meals. They are known for the removal of excess LDL cholesterol from the human body.

25.Have Oatmeal Rich Breakfast: - Oatmeal is helpful in lowering the risk of heart disease and lowers the cholesterol level in the body. One can make it healthy by adding walnuts, bananas, sprinkling cinnamon and using blueberries.

26.Choose Smart Dishes while Eating Out: - If you are eating out with your family at some restaurant, choose a heart-healthy meal. Most of the restaurants prepare healthy dishes as one can order gravies and sauces, tell about the ingredients to waiters, avoid fried dishes or appetizers.

27.Lowering the Coffee Consumption: - The moderate coffee consumption though studies show its benefits for the heart. It should be seen that one can have a cup of coffee a day and not to go overboard with caffeine consumption.

28.Intake of Dark Chocolate: - Dark Chocolate is known for containing 70% of cocoa content or even higher. People can drink some cocoa avoiding sugar contents and eat some squares with the desert.

29.Have Nuts: - They are also known for lowering the cholesterol level as it provides fiber, essential fatty acids, and protein. People can have almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans and even Walnuts that are considered healthy sources of Omega-3.

30.Drinking Red Wine: - The Mediterranean diet is considered great for the heart as drinking Red Wine in moderation can help in keeping it healthy. It has a low amount of alcohol packed with antioxidants as it protects against artery damage and increases the level of good cholesterol in the body.

31.The inclusion of Turmeric: - The natural ingredient curcumin in Turmeric helps in decreasing the chances of heart failure. Turmeric is used in many medicines and has other health benefits too. One can add turmeric in curry, beans, chicken, rice, vegetable or beef.

32.Get Rid of Depression: - Depressed people are most likely to get a heart attack than the people who have a healthy lifestyle. For treating depression, one can consult a doctor, do exercises and take prescribed medications.

33.Drinking Cranberry Juice: - The Cranberry juice helps the people to increase their HDL or good cholesterol level in the body by drinking 3-8 ounces of glasses per day. It helps in cutting out heart failure risk by 40%. One should make sure that the juice is 100% natural and have at least 27% of cranberry fruit.

34.Intake of Folic acid: - To cut down on the risk of high blood pressure and heart attackone should take the recommended folic acid in their diet. People can eat broccoli, asparagus and fortified cereal.

35.Munch on the Dried Fruits: - These fruits also carry the health benefits but they are supplied in concentrated form as they lower the cholesterol level. It is rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamins. People can munch on dried fruits as apricots, prunes or the dried dates.

36.Remain Active Whole Day:- People who are doing little chores each day like running, house cleaning or gardening are less prone to heart diseases. For a healthy heart, one should be active the whole day long instead of just going for 30-60 minutes of exercising and then giving a continuous sitting in front of laptop or PC.

37.Keeping Body Mass Index in control: - The Body Mass Index or BMI of an individual should be between 18.5 and 25. It can be calculated with the help of a simpler formula provided by the doctors.

38.Vitamin D Supplement: - Vitamin D is one of the good sources for protecting bones and keeping your heart healthy. Its deficiency may lead to a heart attack and if one is found lacking in Vitamin D then they can take the supplement suggested by the doctor.

39.Intake of Whole Grains: - One can opt for taking the diet rich in wholegrain as people can include millet, barley, buckwheat, teff, wheat bulgur, quinoa, and berries.

40.Controlling Cholesterol: - High level of cholesterol can increase the risk of heart failure in a person. Therefore, people should avoid bad cholesterol meals, trans fat or saturated fat. People can refer foods like roasted or baked turkey, green vegetables, fruits, lean chicken, whole grains and fat-free dairy products.

41.Do Meditation: - People can relax their body and mind with the help of meditation and can reduce the strain. One can keep their heart healthy by relaxing oneself, meditating for 10-15 minutes per day, etc., as this will lead to the reduction in blood pressure and calming down the nerves.

42.Do Not Stress Yourself: - Most of the people can feel stressed because of family or professional problems, keeping anger deep-rooted within them, avoiding social gatherings, etc. This increases the heart disease risk so it is advisable to listen to calm music, play games with children or friends, schedule an outing or a healthy dinner date.

43.Avoid Pollution: - People who are heart patients or other individuals should not go for running or any kind of exercising activity outdoors when the pollution level in the environment is high. This may cut the supply of oxygen to the blood and can form the clots.

44.Getting the flu Shots: - The recent studies have revealed that the people who have been vaccinated against flu are less likely to develop the risk of heart failure than the ones who do not have the vaccination.

45.Vegan Diet: - The Vegetarian diet mostly includes vegetables, legumes, fruits, seeds, grains, and nuts. People taking this diet have a lower risk of obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure that can lead to hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

46.Consumption of Potassium Rich Food: - The intake of potassium-rich food will help in reducing the craving for sodium. People can eat bananas, baked potato, prunes and dried apricots.

47.Go for Interval Training: - This is the best method for preventing the heart disease, as it will help you to stay healthy. People can go ahead with three minutes of moderate exercise and high-intensity exercise for one minute. One can go for interval training for 20 minutes instead of moderate exercise for one hour.

48.Playing with Pets: - Pets like cats and dogs are said to reduce the risk of heart failure in their owners. They are a great stress reliever and playing with them helps in keeping the person calm.

49.Bring in Positivity: - According to the research carried out by the doctors, a person should remain positive and happy in their life. This reduces the stress or depression and protects your heart. Even laughter is the best medicine as it can increase your blood flow by nearly 22% and will help in preventing the arteries from hardening up.

50.Know Your Blood Pressure Count: - It is seen that high blood pressure and heart attack are related to each other. Therefore, it is advisable for the cardiologists to control your weight and diet in order to control the blood pressure count. This will help in keeping your heart healthy and the risk of heart failure will be reduced.

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Quick Look at the Things to Prevent Heart Risk:

The risk of heart attack may rise in the people due to an unhealthy lifestyle as most of them are in a habit of taking unhealthy food. The best cardiologist  states that to lower the risk of hypertensive cardiovascular diseasepeople should eat heart-healthy meals. Here is a quick look at the things that the people can avoid or straightaway cut them from their life:

  • One should avoid Highly Processed and Refined Grains
  • Avoid the Intake of Processed Meat
  • Cut out on the Sugary Drinks or Soft Drinks
  • Control your meals when eating outside
  • Watch out for symptoms of low blood pressure and heart attack
  • Limit the Fried or Frozen Food
  • Avoid Canned fruits included in heavy syrup
  • People should limit Grains products like Refined Flour, Muffins, Doughnuts, Pies, etc.
  • Limit or Avoid the Trans or Saturated Fats
  • Put a Control on Fats like Bacon Fat, Butter, Cream Sauce, Palm-kernel oils, etc.

It can be seen that making your heart healthy and fit is not a big task as people can include these heart-healthy hacks in their life in order to avoid the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Moreover, people should inculcate positive thoughts, daily exercising, active regime and consult the best cardiologist from Yashoda hospital doctors list etc. to keep away the risk of heart disease.

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