Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad is hard to find as we have many doctors, but this article will give you the idea on how to choose the the best cardiologist.

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How to find the top cardiologist in Hyderabad? Is the biggest puzzle to many of the people who are either new or old to Hyderabad because everyone wants to get the best cardiologist doctor in Hyderabad for treatment when it comes to the main part of the body "Heart" Here in this article we are going to discuss on everything and every need of the cardiologist.


Generally, we prefer doctor chosen by our family doctor or any general doctor where we choose to get advice from. But this is the peak time to find out the best cardiologist in your area before visiting any doctor.


Here are the top tips to find the best Cardiologist in Hyderabad through Internet:


Location: If you are from kukatpally then search for the best cardiologist in kukatpally, Hyderabad in Google search or any other search engine. There will be many search results from which one can choose the best option by checking all the factors.

Hospital: Cardiologist is chosen by people depending on the hospital they are working and the experience they have. In such cases, one should search as the best cardiologist in YASHODA Hospital Hyderabad to get the exact search result.

Experience: Experience is one of the main factors checked before consulting a doctor. To know the exact experience and all the cardiologist doctor details check doctors professional. Get consultation before going for the treatment.

Gender: Many people hesitate to get treatment from the opposite gender and prefer to choose the same gender doctor to make treatment ease. Get the best cardiologist surgeon in hyderabad depending upon the gender you want to go within many areas and hospitals. Make sure to ease the treatment for a happy ending. There are many special hospitals where you can find the best cardiologist in Hyderabad who services especially for women.

Reviews: Other best tip is to read reviews before consulting any doctor. Search for the best cardiologist in Hyderabad India to get the topmost reviews. This will perhaps provide the detailed description and all other information about the cardiologist.

Communication: Ones took the doctors consultation of the best cardiologist in Yashoda hospital Hyderabad and visited the doctor, one must communicate with the doctor and get to know their works, experience, professional career and their role in that particular hospital. This gives a brief idea about the doctor which helps in follow up of the treatment.

Heart treatments are done at many hospitals but according to researchers, the most commonly searched term is the best cardiologist at Apollo hospital. There the doctors will examine and treat all the types of heart diseases. Below are the types of heart disease along with its symptoms and causes.


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Types of Heart Diseases:

The heart is the main part because of which a man lives. It acts as the major part of the circulation of the blood to all the body parts. But because of various reasons such as a change in lifestyle, genetic disorder, unhealthy food, change in eating habits or many other reasons will lead to heart diseases.

There are many types of heart diseases. Among those, we have listed the top 10 types of heart diseases which also helps in finding the Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad.

1.Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): This disease occurs when the heart doesn't get enough blood and oxygen supply. The block created because of not enough blood pumping to the heart will lead to CAD. This may cause sudden death without any warnings or signs. This is generally seen in people who faced heart attack or who are having heart-related diseases.


There would be no prior symptoms. It happens suddenly within minutes.

2.Heart Attack: Also known as Myocardial Infarction. This causes due to the muscle damage or muscle dead of the heart because of the blockage of blood flow.


  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Continuous Squeeze or Intense pain in the chest for a long time
  • Unnecessary sweating
  • Breathing problems
  • Feeling like headedness or fainting
  • Very fast heartbeat

3.Heart Failure: This is also called as congestive heart failure or chronic heart failure. Many people have the false conception of heart failure. Usually, they think heart failure is caused because heart stops beating or person is about to die. But actually, it causes because there is not enough blood pumping from the heart to the body.


  • Diabetes
  • Heart defects occurred during the birth
  • Heart valve disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • High Blood pressure
  • Lung diseases
  • Past heart attack


  • Swelling in the feet, legs, and ankles
  • Fatigue
  • Fluids filled up in the lungs

4.Heart Valve Disease: If there is no regular blood flow in the heart then heart valve disease causes. Heart valves work for the continuous blood flow to all the chambers without any interruption.


  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Weakness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Swollen feet, ankles or abdomen

5.Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): This disease blocks the blood and oxygen flow to the body especially in the arms and legs part. PAD usually builds up plaque which narrows the arteries.


  • Pains in leg muscle
  • Numbness in legs and arms
  • Swelling in legs, feet, and arms
  • Weak pulse

6.Rheumatic Heart Disease: This disease is caused due to the inflammation and rheumatic fever which occurs due to the streptococcal infection. It is occurred because of heart valve damage and irregular functionality of other parts of the heart.


  • Rheumatic fever
  • Breathing difficulty when laid down
  • Chest pain
  • Joint pains
  • Inflammation

7.Congenital Heart Disease: Abnormal heart formation generally caused by pregnancy or during birth. It is formed because of genetic factors or overexposure in pregnancy time.


  • Holes in heart
  • Abnormal formation of heart valve
  • No continuous blood flow.


There would be no symptoms of this disease comes right after birth or even during birth.

8.Arrhythmias: Irregular or abnormal heartbeat is formed because of this disease. Heartbeats very fast or very slow. Heartbeat is controlled by electric pulses. The treatment for this disease is the electric shock to set the heartbeat.


  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fainting
  • Uneasiness at heart

9.Cardiomyopathy: Also known as Enlarged heart. Muscle weakness or irregular structure of muscle causes this disease. It is the result of abnormal heart pumping or other heart functionalities affecting the body.


  • A continuous cough while lying down.
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Abdomen bloating

10.Cerebrovascular disease: This stops blood flow to the brain and eventually some part of the brain stops working properly. Symptoms of cerebrovascular disease will depend upon the part which is affected.


  • Difficulty in eating or swallowing
  • Unable to speak what you think
  • Vomiting's
  • Fever
  • Unwanted confusion
  • Unable to complete or perform one task

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Top Risk factors which cause heart diseases:

Heart diseases are caused due to different risk factors depending on our age, gender, locality and the lifestyle we live in. So, here we are going to discuss the topmost main risk factors which probably leads to heart diseases.

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High cholesterol level in the blood
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Old age especially for women above 50 years
  • Overweight
  • Genetic history of heart diseases
  • Unhealthy and junk food
  • Usage of high toxic/chemical content products

Top 35 heart care tips for the healthy heart:

Nowadays heart diseases have become very common. 1 in 100 are affected with one or the other heart diseases and they will be usually in search of Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad or any other city depending upon the location they are in.

But one must take care of their health either before or after they are affected by the disease. These top 35 heart care tips for healthy heart will protect from any heart disease and also helps in curing the heart disease. One must follow these following tips to lead a healthy life. At least few tips must be added to their daily routine and make it into a habit gradually. So, below are the tips from the brief description.

1.Drink Plenty of Water: Water will help in removal of toxins, bad excess cholesterol, and wastes from the body. It clears the blood and helps in proper blood flow. Drink minimum 8 liters of water every day. It also helps in the physical glow of skin, reduces acne, etc.

2.Eat less salt: the Excess eating of salt or adding more salt in your daily meals will lead to heart problems because of the rise in blood pressure. Do not intake more than 6gms of salt every day. Also, avoid snacks which contain a high amount of salt.

3.Quit smoking: Smoking is the most dangerous cause of all the major diseases. The tobacco inhale will leads to various heart problems and other human diseases. It mainly causes coronary heart disease as it increases heartbeat. Quit smoking if you want the healthy life.

4.Exercise Daily: Exercises have many benefits. It keeps body fits. It manages body system for the proper functionality. The heart works very well when exercises are done daily. Blood flow will be regular and proper. Exercises like jogging, skipping, walking, running and others should be added to a daily routine to be healthy.

5.Avoid alcohol: Many researchers found the consumption of the limited amount of alcohol has many amazing health benefits. 2 glasses per night are the maximum limit one should follow. But an excess of alcohol will spoil internal body system as it causes high blood pressure, increase in cholesterol, blood and oxygen pumping will be irregular. Opt for red wine as it is healthy when taken in the limit.

6.De-stress yourself: Stress will lead to irregular and fast heartbeat. This causes many heart diseases and sometimes it also leads to heart stroke. Never be in stress, if you feel stress relax you, take a deep breath, sit calm for a while, do meditation if possible, listen to good music. All these tips will help in calming down the stress and can reform regular heart beat.

7.Eat fiber-rich food: Food is always good for health. Good food with rich in fiber content will always make one's body healthy. Foods like Avocado, berries, coconut, peas and other vegetables and leafy vegetables will give enough amount of fiber to the body and helps in good heart functionality.

8.Get enough sleep: Now-a-days the major problem caused in many of us is not getting enough sleep which is leading to various diseases. A study proved that person without sleep is having more problems compared to the person with enough sleep. The average amount of time for sleep is 8 hours. If not slept properly heart functionality will be irregular because of the tiredness.

9.Add Vitamins to food: Vitamin foods are always benefits health. Vitamins like A, C, D will increase the minerals content in the body and builds the healthy system. Vitamins help the incorrect flow of blood and oxygen to all the body parts from the heart.

10.Try peak fasting: Peak fasting may look awkward but this definitely helps in making the human body healthy. As we eat many varieties of foods which sometimes may take more amount of time to digest. This peak fasting will allow food to digest properly. Peak fasting doesn't mean having any food at all but this means to drink water and eat very less quantity food.

11.Observe Iron levels in your body: Iron-rich foods such as meat, beans, spinach, eggs, etc. will help in controlling diseases like fatigue, weakness, immune system and increases the energy, muscle, brain and heart function in the body. As a result, it keeps heart away from many diseases.

12.Eat more nutritional food: Eat more amounts of nutrition rich food items like potato, liver, garlic, fish, seafood to give enough nutrients to the body. The supply of enough nutrients to the body will lead to healthy heart and functionality.

13.Try magnesium rich food: Foods like pumpkin seeds, banana, almonds, yogurt, chard, figs, etc. will reduce sugar, heart diseases like heart attack, constipation, stress and helps in proper functioning of muscles, heart valves, sugar control, etc.

14.Eat low carb vegetables: Eat vegetables which contain low carb as they will reduce the bad fat content and controls cholesterol levels also helps in maintaining a good number of calories. These all lead to improve heart functionality and controls heart diseases.

15.Control sugar levels: Sugar levels or diabetics are also the major cause of heart diseases. These are caused due to not enough amount of supply of minerals, proteins to the body which leads to heart problems like heart attack, heart stroke, etc. Eat a healthy diet as discussed to control sugar levels. Continuous medication is a must.

16.Maintain healthy body weight: Overweight or obesity is caused due to unhealthy, unhygienic food. It is the result of bad cholesterol, over amount of calories, high-fat content in the body. Maintain good body weight according to height and age of the person.

17.Skip outside / roadside food: Do not eat outside or roadside foods as they contain a high amount of toxic food items and eventually you will increase cholesterol levels, high calories, and bad fat content as they are not healthy. Ones in a while eating outside occasionally is good but do not eat in excess.

18.Meditate regularly: Meditation will relax your body, removes stress, calms down the blood pressure, and decreases the negative thoughts which are caused due to the daily life tensions. It also helps in making proper heartbeat and decreases the causes of getting heart problems.

19.Consume fish ones a week: Fishes like salmon, tuna, and other varieties are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which act as a major cause in the prevention of many heart diseases. The vegetarian types containing the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids are flax seeds, walnuts, and others.

20.Increase physical activities: Physical activities will make the body fit and healthy. Do not be lazy all the time. This generation lifestyle doesn't include much of physical activities and this is the major reason behind several health problems. When a person is physically fit, it means he is fit from inside also. Include any type of exercises in your daily routine.

21.Maintain healthy diet: Healthy diet must contain healthy food. Healthy food will make healthy body. A healthy body will be the result of happy life. So eat healthy food, maintain proper diet. Don't overeat. All the vegetables, green leafy vegetables, meat, etc are healthy to a person when taken in limit. An excess amount of any food will surely cause one or other type of disease.

22.Never skip any meals: Skipping meals are generally preferred by teenagers who want to be thin and in proper body shape. There is a myth as skipping meals will lead to reducing weight. But in real this is the root of many diseases. Intake of proper food should be time to time.

23.Avoid processed food: Processed food or stored food contains many chemicals and high amount of bad fat. These foods will be low in fiber and not at all good for health. Packaged snacks contain many types of chemicals which harm the body. So reduce the intake of processed food and obtain a ealthy lifestyle.

24.Eliminate fats: Reduce eating of fat content food. This helps in reducing calories which lead to low cholesterol levels. As high fats will lead to obesity. Fats from animal products should be reduced and eaten in a limit.

25.Control cholesterol: Lower the cholesterol levels eat fewer animal products as they are the main cause. The best substitute for cholesterol is beans. This will make low fat content food and forms good healthy heart.

26.Calcium-rich diet: Consume more food which contains more calcium like broccoli, raw milk, okra, almonds, etc. This will make bones stronger and increases calcium level in the body which results in good heart condition.

27.Drink juices: To maintain a healthy body, drink juices with fruits, vegetables, and others regularly without any added sugars. Add drinking juices in your daily meals without adding any food colors, flavors, excess sugar.

28.Eat more fruits: Fruits are very good for health. They always benefit our body in some or other way. Eat the number of fruits daily. While taking food, consider if you are under any medication. All the fruits won't suit every medication.

29.Switch to organic food: This era is filled with many unhealthy, highly toxic, more chemicals filled food items. Switch your eating habit to organic food. Try to eat more food which has been grown without pesticides and other chemicals as they are leading to many heart problems.

30.Change your chocolate choice: Study says that chocolates have the capability to form the healthy body and they also control and prevents many sorts of diseases. Switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Dark chocolates contain good amount of proteins which helps in controlling and managing good hearth health.

31.Have regular checkups: Though we follow many remedies for healthy life, one must opt for regular checkups to be updated with their health. Regular checkup gives the confidence of being healthy and warns us from getting any dreadful disease.

32.Laugh of loud: Laughing out loud will reduce the stress, controls blood pressure and helps in proper blood and oxygen pumping to the body. At least ones a day laugh out loud and be happy. Always remember happy life is the healthy life.

33.Be dental hygiene: Dental health will indicate the overall body's health including the heart. Teeth are directly connected to the heart. When a tooth is affected by gum disease, it leads to health disease and affects heart valves and muscles.

34.Increase antioxidants: Antioxidants protects the body from the harmful components and materials from the environment. Increase a number of antioxidants intake by eating dark-colored vegetables, fruits such as berries, spinach, and others.

35.Check family history: Many studies proved that Genetic background with heart problems in family tree will surely suffer from heart disease though they are having a healthy lifestyle.

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Quick Tips:

  • Always take 2nd opinion before starting the heart treatment at any doctor.
  • Make sure to find the best cardiologist in Hyderabad and then opt for treatment.
  • Eat every good food in a limit.
  • Do not over eat which may lead to other health problems.
  • Include juices in an everyday meal.
  • Take good care of health and adopt the habit of eating healthy food.
  • Add exercises such as yoga, meditation, etc. in your daily routine.
  • Don't be too lazy, give some physical work to the body.
  • Never drink excess alcohol.
  • Quit smoking.

To be healthy is in our own hands. Maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food! Get Enough Sleep! Stay happy! Opt healthy lifestyle.

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